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Summer on the peninsula: Most cadets wouldn’t recognize it!

Summer on the peninsula: Most cadets wouldn’t recognize it!

Article and photos by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Summer time at RMC is very different from the rest of the year. Instead of hundreds of students being stressed about tests or assignments, or rushing to class at any one time, the campus is left with only a handful of people. With about a hundred cadets doing SLT (Second Language Training) at the college, and a few more sticking around due to an injury or an OJE (On the Job Experience), the campus is much more quiet and relaxed.

With the sound of lawnmowers, birds chirping, and powerboats in the water, summer at RMC doesn’t sound much different from anywhere else. At almost any time during the day, one can look at their window and see people playing outdoor volleyball, running around campus, or enjoying water sports on the lake. In the afternoons especially, quite a few cadets take part in sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming, enjoying the warmer air and water only a few feet away.

Nature and wildlife comes alive during these summer months. Flowers blooming in gardens and in random patches across the peninsula, bunnies hopping all over, and groundhogs running from hole to hole can be seen without much effort.

With work coming to an end on the outside of Girourd building, grass seed has been laid down to help the lawn match the beauty of the rest of the green grass on campus. Buses of tourist make their way around the college twenty or so times a day to see the historical buildings and learn about the college.

Most Wednesday nights, fireworks and/or cannons can be seen and heard coming from Fort Henry across the water as they perform their sunset ceremonies. Live music is also frequently heard coming from both the fort and from downtown Kingston on the other side of the peninsula.

Young Sea cadets also spend a lot of time around the college during the summer as they explore sailing and other activities with their staff and some help from RMC cadets who have been assigned an OJE with them.

Summers at RMC hold beauty and relaxation that can be hard to find during the year. Kingston is a beautiful city full of new adventures to explore.