Sunset Ceremony: In a Word – Awesome

Sunset Ceremony 2011

Article by 26173 OCdt (I) Emily Morgan

Photography by 25881 OCdt (II) Anthony Matlock

A spectacular performance by Canadian Army SkyHawks Demonstration Parachute Team began the evening with them jumping from over 6000m above the ground. The SkyHawks performed various formations and maneuvers with two jumpers flying the RMC and Canadian flags on the way down. They landed on the Inner Field and dedicated their performance to the graduating class of 2011.

The band marched onto the parade square following the arrival of the Minister of National Defense, the Honorable Peter MacKay, the Chief of Defense Staff General Walter Natynczyk, and RMC’s Commandant Commodore William Truelove, who were the guests of honor.

The RMC band played and the Highland Dancers followed with an energetic performance.

The Taekwondo team followed with a spectacular demonstration of skill and power.  Performing patterns first, they included self-defence techniques and finished with an impressive display of board breaking.  The final break was a perfectly executed back flip.

The Sandhurst military skills team was next and it showcased their quick team ascent over the 12 foot wall.

Next members of the  Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) performed a native drum song.

The RMC Precision Drill Team then performed an impressive  routine with rifle and sword movements and gun salutes.

The traditional Old Eighteen reenactment followed which consisted of 19th century battle drill complete with muskets and a Red Coat vs. 1812 American invaders showdown.  The Old Eighteen represent the first eighteen cadets who entered RMC in 1876. The Old Eighteen Red Coats advanced on the American invaders in battle drill sequence, firing blanks from their muskets until they routed.

The RMC Honour Guard accompanied by flag bearers carrying the provincial flags marched onto the parade square. The outgoing Colour Party (5 Squadron) was handed over to next years Colour Party (11 Squadron) with the canon firing and the Honour Guard firing in the background.  The RMC Band played God Save the Queen and then O Canada. The RMC Colours were then marched off.


The traditional Sunset Ceremony followed. The Retreat, the Tattoo, and the Feu-de-joie were performed by the RMC Band and the RMC Honour Guard.

To end the evening a lone piper on top of Mackenzie tower led the RMC Band in Amazing Grace over a darkened parade square. This was poignantly followed by a spectacular fireworks display, tying off a wonderful evening of RMC pride and fanfare.

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