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  • Super stars: Sharon Donnelly & Kevin Dulude round out the Class of 2018 AWOD inductees

Super stars: Sharon Donnelly & Kevin Dulude round out the Class of 2018 AWOD inductees

Super stars: Sharon Donnelly & Kevin Dulude round out the Class of 2018 AWOD inductees

Articles by: Peter Reimer – RMC, Sports Information and Promotion Coordinator

17324 Sharon Lynn Donnelly

17324 Sharon Lynn Donnelly

At the upcoming Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD) induction ceremony on 21 March 2018, RMC Athletics will recognize 17324 Sharon Lynn Donnelly in the Athlete category for her exceptional lifetime of accomplishments in triathlon.

Like many moments in her life, Donnelly’s journey to RMC started with the challenge of something new. After her mother showed her a newspaper article in the 80s, which detailed the College’s recent acceptance of women, Donnelly’s interest was piqued.

“I was a quiet kid, very driven on the inside, and the nature of the college appealed to me—it was a challenge, one which only very few women had taken on.”

Donnelly was already an accomplished swimmer when she arrived RMC, and was quickly making a name for herself on the cross-country team; however, she had yet to test the waters of triathlon. After hearing about the school’s triathlon club in her second year, the future Olympian completed her first triathlon while on summer training at CFB Borden, and never looked back.

The triathlon club joined a host of other extracurriculars, which, by necessity, increased Donnelly’s time management and organizational skills. In the early days of the national triathlon team, when there was no centralized logistics, her training from RMC quickly proved useful.

“I immediately was given the nickname ‘El Capitaine’ on the tour due to my detailed organization when planning,” Donnelly explained. “These skills came to the forefront early in my racing career when I showed up the first World Cups in Japan having prepared accommodations, transport and training venues for myself, while the rest of the athletes and the international staff were still scrambling.”

Additional skills acquired through her military, academic, and athletic experience at RMC include adaptability, leadership, and a genuine sense of perspective. Eventually leaving the military to pursue her Olympic dream full-time, Donnelly always kept her classmates in mind.

“I never, ever lost sight of the fact I was participating in sport where many would gladly trade places with me on my worst day. I could often calm my nerves by reminding myself of this perspective prior to a race. ‘This race is nothing compared to…’”

Her dedication and focus led to athletic achievements at the national and international level, including winning gold at the Pan Am Games and qualifying for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Now, RMC Athletics is proud to cement her place in its history by inducting Donnelly into the Athletics Wall of Distinction.

“Being the first female to be recognized is incredibly humbling, and I hope that it will inspire others to push to achieve greater achievements,” Donnelly said. “I remember back to when I read about RMC in the newspaper in 1985 and was inspired to choose to follow a different road… never would I have imagined to reach these heights and be recognized for those things for which I am so passionate, RMC and sport.”


·       Inaugural recipient of The Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup, awarded annually to the best all-around female athlete at RMC, 1989

·       CISM World Triathlon Championships Silver Medalist, 1989, 1995, 1997

·       37 top 10 finishes of 60 Triathlon World Cup races, 1996-2004

·       Three-time Canadian National Triathlon Champion, 1997, 1999, 2002

·       Pan American Games Gold medalist, Winnipeg 1999

·       Canadian Olympic triathlon team, Sydney 2000, alternate in Athens 2004

·       Commonwealth Games team, Manchester 2002

·       Head Coach USA Olympic Triathlon Team, Beijing 2008

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22909 Kevin Pierre Dulude

22909 Kevin Pierre Dulude

At the upcoming Athletics Wall of Distinction (AWOD) induction ceremony on 21 March 2018, RMC Athletics will recognize 22909 Kevin Pierre Dulude in the Athlete category for his exceptional accomplishments as a member of the RMC basketball teams from 2000-05.

If you think back on the now-shuttered basketball program at RMC, one name likely comes to mind. Dulude is synonymous with basketball at RMC, and rightly so, because of the heights the team reached with him on the court.

“We were one game shy of making it to the CIS National Championship Finals Tournament, which in my opinion truly would have shone the brightest of lights on our school and our athletics program.”

But, if you can believe it, Dulude wasn’t a star player growing up. In fact, he wasn’t a basketball player at all. Football was the sport for Dulude as late as grade 12, when he took to the court for off-season training. So how did a kid with virtually no basketball experience end up atop the national scoring and rebounding charts?

The first push came from his high school coach Pierre Dupuis, who had experience playing for the Gee-Gees. With some encouragement and a few calls during grade 13, Dulude was invited to RMC for a scouting visit by Craig Norman, RMC basketball coach at the time, tasked with bringing the team from the OCAA to the OUA level.

“I met with the core guys of the basketball team—Paul Hungler, Liam Doyle, Jake Einarson, Joe Boland, Nick Gallagher—and was given a brief tour of the campus, the small gym next to Panet House and some of the other sights on campus,” Dulude said. “It quickly became apparent to me that there was a collegiality at the school, and with the team, that I wanted to become a part of.”

In addition to members of the basketball team, Dulude met Bill Oliver, former Director of Athletics and then recruiter for the varsity teams, who told him exactly what he needed to hear.

“Craig may have convinced me to come to RMC for a campus visit, and sell me on the potential of the basketball team, but it was Bill who sealed the deal. Bill walked me through the storied history of the school, what it stands for and how it shapes young minds into great people and inspirational leaders.”

The next step in Dulude’s journey, from natural athlete to university basketball superstar, came from his military position as a Health Care Administrator. When Dulude went through the HCA program in the early 2000s, occupational training didn’t start until after graduation.

“That meant that my summers were spent in Kingston, on OJT, four years in a row,” Dulude explained. “In terms of player development, you could not ask for anything better. I was working out two to three times a day; skill development, cardio, weight training. Coach Norman and Brad Schur (then an assistant coach with the men’s team) worked with me every day and this, truly, was where I blossomed as a player.”

With his intense training regimen and incredible work ethic, plus the opportunity to play internationally through the CISM program, Dulude began to put up the legendary numbers that have earned him a place on the Athletics Wall of Distinction.

Individual accomplishments:

·       OUA East Rookie of the Year, 2000-01

·       Five-time OUA East All-Star, 2000-05

·       Canadian Armed Forces Athlete of the Year, 2002

·       OUA East Player of the Year, 2003-04

·       CIS 1st Team All-Canadian, 2003-04

·       Four-time Tommy Smart Cup winner as RMC Male Athlete of the Year, 2000-04

·       109 regular season games played for RMC; finished career as the CIS all-time leading rebounder (1,165) and second leading scorer (2,092)

Team accomplishments:

·       Awarded the Douglas Massey Cook Memorial Cup as the top varsity team at RMC, 2003-04

·       Named Canadian Armed Forces Team of the Year, 2004

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Note: RMC’s Athletics Wall of Distinction, founded and sponsored by the Class of 1970 through its endowment fund managed by the RMC Foundation, was established to honour those who have brought distinction to the college through significant achievements and contributions in sport while at RMC and/or following graduation throughout their athletics careers.


  • Jay Moulton

    March 19, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Congratulations to these two amazing athletes!
    I had no idea that RMC had produced a collegiate athlete of Kevin Dulude’s calibre.
    I also had no idea that they closed the basketball program. I played four years of varsity football and two years of varsity basketball during 1976 to 1980. Our football team was incredibly successful, winning a national small college championship in 1979. Our basketball team, led by Nick Garito and the formidable Mackley/Russell brothers had no difficulties competing at either the college or university level. We certainly defeated Queens on more than one occasion. In comparison to the hockey and football teams, the basketball team was very inexpensive. It makes no sense that they closed the basketball program down. I think the commandant should consider re-opening the basketball program. Unlike hockey and football, a successful team can excel with a small core of talent. It’s a hugely popular, inexpensive sport that many cadets enjoy. Strategically, RMC could easily compete and earn the College the attention it deserves.