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  • Support the RMC Foundation Through Directed Donations to the 2020 United Way Campaign

Support the RMC Foundation Through Directed Donations to the 2020 United Way Campaign

Support the RMC Foundation Through Directed Donations to the 2020 United Way Campaign

Did you know that our mission is to engage alumni, and Canadians alike, in donorship and sponsorship activities above and beyond the mandate of the Canadian Forces to preserve and enhance the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges as we grow and develop Canada’s future leaders.

90% of all funds raised by the RMC Foundation are invested directly into the development of Canada’s Future Leaders – our Officer Cadets of the Royal Military Colleges.

If you wish to help, please direct even a portion of your GCWCC gift this year to: ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGES OF CANADA FOUNDATION INC . (IT MUST BE TYPED THIS WAY TO OBTAIN A MATCH.)  See below for more information.

Registration no.:  119129096RR0001

Thank you for helping us support Canada’s Future Leaders.

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting you prior to the Arch Ceremony last year.  We were so impressed by your program and all the wonderful work you do!

This year the Canadian Armed Forces has become even more near and dear to our hearts with our son being in first year at RMC.

The reason I am reaching out, is to let you know that I have just learned, that my husband and I can support RMC Foundation through our United Way contributions.  We have been donating for years through our workplace, and now we are thrilled to know that all of our donations will be directed to the RMC Foundation.  We look forward to contributing for many years to come in hopes of allowing you to continue with all of your amazing programs.

Thank you for all that you do for our kids!

Sincerely, Jen and Jim

Saviez-vous que notre mission est de mobiliser les diplômés et les Canadiens dans le cadre d’activités de commandite et de financement qui vont au-delà du mandat des Forces canadiennes, afin de préserver et d’enrichir l’expérience, l’histoire, les traditions et la culture des collèges militaires canadiens qui forment les futurs leaders du Canada.

90 pour cent de tous les fonds amassés par la Fondation des CMR sont directement investis dans la formation des futurs leaders du Canada, nos élèves-officiers des Collèges militaires royaux.

Si vous souhaitez apporter votre soutien, veuillez allouer une portion de votre don à la CCMTGC à la : FONDATION DES COLLÈGES MILITAIRES ROYAUX DU CANADA INC. (SAISIR TEL QUEL.) Voir plus bas pour obtenir un complément d’information.

No d’enregistrement : 119129096RR0001

Merci d’appuyer les futurs leaders du Canada.