The Anatomy of 2016 Copper Sunday


The Anatomy of 2016 Copper Sunday

Any Ex Cadet who attended Royal Military College of Canada with very few exceptions have participated in Copper Sunday.

A minority of these same Ex Cadets have had the opportunity to execute a plan to help ensure the ‘event’ was successful in a given year.

The many behind the scene details associated with RMCC special parades have been developed over many years. Copper Sunday likely ranks in second place – only behind graduation parade for longevity.

For these high profile parades to be successful a great deal of attention to detail is required.

Following is the anatomy of the 2016 Copper Sunday parade:


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Abbreviations used are well known within the Cadet Wing.

The CW will form-up on the RMC Parade Square and march to City hall with A-B Divisions leading, Band center followed by C-D Divisions. They will re-form in front of City Hall by Divisions NLT 0855 for the Cmdt’s and Mayors address to the Wing. They will dismiss at City Hall NLT 0915 and remain in town until 1100 while attending church services; visiting local business and connecting with the local population.

 Tasks CW:

1.      CW will participate in the Copper Sunday Parade 1 May

2.      Colour Pty to St- Georges Cathedral (TWDI, CPC)

3.      CPC to conduct liaison with the TWDI to St. Georges prior to Copper Sunday (TWDI, CPC)

4.      Band to book transport to move instruments from City Hall back to RMC (CWBO)

5.      Band to provide one piper to St. Georges for morning service (CWBO, CPC)

6.      CW work pty to order tpt to move equipment to and from City Hall (CW Work Pty OPI, TWQM)

7.      CW provide security x 6 to guard barriers near the street closures (CW Sec Tm, CWTO)

8.      Provide RMC Sound crew to set-up and tear down sounds system (CW Sound OPI, CWTO)

9.      Provide 6 x FRT (CW FRT OPI, CWTO)

10.   Provide x 2 photographers evertias (evertias Photographers, CWTO)

11.   Work Pty transport stores to City Hall, Podium, Dais, Sound system, extension cords ( Work Pty OPI, TWQM)

12.   Provide list of phone numbers for, RMC MP’s, Kingston Police escort, commissionaires, Work Pty, sound OPI, Security OPI, CPC, TWQM, TWDI and TWSM, CWC, CWTO (CWTO)

13.   CW Duty driver task to CPC for Colour Pty Tpt to St. Georges (CW Duty Driver, CPC, TWDI)

14.   Request the use of TWQM’s cargo vehicle to move stores to and from RMC ( Work Pty OPI, TWQM)

15.   Request RMC SCC to unlock and lock the Calvary gate to allow the CW to enter unto Hwy 2

16.   Draft a bilingual College email announcing the Copper Sunday parade and send it to Lt(N) Card J-3

17.   Liaison with Padre Newhook WRT request to have Cadets attend church services in town




X 2 Coordination meetings, 19 April 1630; 29 April 0730

Detailed timing for 1 May:

0730 transport stores to City Hall (CW Work Pty)

0730 CW Form up RMC Pde Square (Division sizing, Parade layout and rehearsal) CWTO

0830 Step Off Parade Square (CWC)

0840 Enter Hwy 2 via verite Ave Calvary gate (CWC)

0842 Pickup Kingston police escort Hwy 2 (CWTO, CWC)

0855 Arrive City Hall (CWC)

0900 Inward dress (CWC)

0905 General Salute to CMDT RMC & Mayor City of Kingston (CWC)

0915 Dismiss the CW to churches and the local area (CWC)

1100 Move back to RMC (All CW)


CW; Scarlets with whites, Parade boots, no Gaiters

No. 5 for FRT/Work Pty/Security/ Sound/drivers/etc


Wet weather; No. 4 Ceremonial to include whites, pill box, parade boots, with rain coats

Staff; DEU 1A (raincoat on standby for inclement weather)

Summary: The wet weather may have dampened related celebrations on Copper Sunday but it didn’t stop the parade. All in all, a great day to be connected with the Royal Military College of Canada.


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