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Hello everyone,

This past week, the RMC Club hosted the Joint Services Academies Alumni Executives Conference (JSAAEC) at RMC. There were 40 participants comprised of my counter parts and their staff from: United States Military Academy, Unites States Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy.

What I found most interesting was that we all share many of the same challenges. Everyone’s biggest challenge was how to use technology to maintain contact with alumni. Social media strategies, email strategies, phone calls, publications – the struggle is how to engage alumni and get them participating at regional and national level functions.

The Americans have had great success with engaging parents. Many parents conduct fundraising within their home state / location. The parents take on many roles such as cheerleaders, fundraisers, and volunteer coordinators. We talked about strategies to build stewardship and we also talked about the perceived value of alumni organizations. One of the alumni organizations had an awesome mission statement – similar to ours, but focused more towards the parents and it went, “We take care of your children for the rest of their lives.”

Next year, the USGCA will host us in Connecticut.


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Bonjour à tous

La semaine dernière, le club des CMR a accueilli le Conférence des cadres des anciens pour les académies des services conjointes. Il y avait 40 participants comprenant mes équivalents et leur personnel: Académie militaire des États-Unis, Académie des forces aériennes des États-Unis, Académie navale des États-Unis, Académie du garde-côte des États-Unis, Académie de la marine marchande des États-Unis.

Ce que j’ai trouvé le plus intéressant, c’est que nous partageons beaucoup de mêmes défis. Le plus grand défi de chacun était de savoir comment utiliser la technologie pour rester en contact avec les anciens. Stratégies de médias sociaux, stratégies de courrier électronique, appels téléphoniques, publications – la difficulté consiste à engager les anciens et à les faire participer aux fonctions organisées aux niveaux régional et national.

Les Américains ont eu beaucoup de succès avec l’engagement des parents. De nombreux parents organisent des collectes de fonds dans leur état / lieu d’origine. Les parents assument de nombreux rôles tels que de personnel de soutien, des collectes de fonds et des coordinateurs de bénévoles. Nous avons discuté de stratégies pour renforcer l’intendance et de la valeur perçue des organisations d’anciens. L’une des académies d’anciens élèves avait un énoncé de mission impressionnant, semblable au nôtre, mais davantage centré sur les parents: «Nous prenons soin de vos enfants pour le reste de leur vie.

L’année prochaine, l’Académie du garde-côte des États-Unis nous accueillera au Connecticut.


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Warm regards / Meilleures salutations,


Bill Griffis


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  • 6268 John Leech

    June 12, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Your note mentioning the common theme of maintaining contact with members struck a note. For some years now, our Class (1964) has benefitted from a website constructed and maintained by colleagues, classmates, families…We’re not getting any younger (!), and I’m concerned that we will eventually run out of steam/talent/mental ability to continue this valuable effort. I understand that some organizations actually provide web services (a page or pages reserved for local chapters or other sub-divisions). Was this kind of service mentioned during your international deliberations? Is this something that the RMC club would consider for alumni classes? There may be others interested too.
    I would be happy to chat and discuss the possibilities.

  • Bill Griffis

    June 12, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Hello John,
    Thank you for a great question. Yes, all of the other service academies take an active role in helping coordinate and maintain class activities. They actually take it one step further in that many of the sports teams will also have a section on the website in order to coordinate alumni games with the football, hockey, baseball, golf, basketball teams etc… They also coordinate parent activities across the country.
    I am currently putting together a plan that would see a section of our website devoted to both regional branches as well as classes. Our challenge right now is limited resources in managing such a requirement. But I have been approached by potential sponsors and volunteers which is helping pull this plan together.
    In the meantime, I would love to talk further with your webmaster as well as other interested people (ie volunteers) and start to put together a way ahead for us which lays out a process to ensure that when the time comes to transition from one website to another that we don’t overlook anything.
    Thank you for your comment!