The First Gentleman Cadet: Alfred George Godfrey Wurtele

The First Gentleman Cadet

(Excerpt for the 1920 Review)

In this, the first number of our paper, it is of interest to recall the name of the first Gentleman Cadet of the Royal Military College and to know a little of his life.

The first Gentleman Cadet who entered the college on the 1st June, 1876, was Alfred George Godfrey Wurtele, a son of the late Wm. G. Wurtele of Quebec City. He was born in that city on the 30th January. 1857, and was educated first at Quebec High School later at Bishop’s College School Lennoxville, P.Q.

He graduated from the Royal Military College on the 30th June, 1880, and in the following year became assistant to the late Wm. Ashe, D.L.S., on an investigation into certain unauthorized displacements of the boundary marks between the Province of Quebec and the State of Maine.


On the 3rd February, 1882, he was appointed Assistant Instructor in Mathematics and Geometrical Drawing and Lieutenant of Cadets in the college which positions he retained until 28th June, 1897.

Two years later on February 1st, 1899, he was appointed a member of a board to consider claims for the General Service Medal for the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870, and the Red River Expedition, 1870. He was employed by the Department of Militia and Defence on this board till the time of his death.

Mr. Wurtele was the author of “Non-Professional Notes of Cadets’ Tour of Instruction to Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, and other places, 1881.”

He died at his residence in Ottawa on Saturday, 12th of August, 1899, at the early age of forty-two.

We are indebted for out information to the Proceedings of the Royal Military College Club of Canada, 1907, and to the kindness of Lieut.-Colonel E. F. Wurtele, V.O., R.O.