The Ins and Outs of 6 Merritt Drive

Our e-Veritas photographer – 25436 OCdt Matt Telfser and with the permission of “The Boss” of 6 Merritt Drive, Brenda Truelove, took some photos of the residence and the grounds.  Readers who have never had the opportunity to see the house up close may find the Slide Shows of interest.

6 Merritt Drive – The exterior, guesthouse, and old stable

The Commandant’s House- The Interior


On Sunday (April 18), a few cadets took a break from final exam studies to enjoy some home cooking at the Commandant’s Residence. In one of the final brunches of the year, the cadets had a chance to relax a bit prior to hitting the books in preparation for the first exams on Monday, 19 April.

As always, it was a relaxing and enjoyable event as reflected by the following comments from some of the cadets in attendance:

The Commandant welcomed us into his home this morning for brunch. He and Brenda were great hosts and created a relaxed environment for the Cadets. As the Commandant mentioned to us when we arrived, the brunch gave us the opportunity to experience the Commandant’s house, a part of college history which is seldom seen by most Cadets. The Commandant’s house is full of history and we were encouraged to explore it and ask questions. The Commandant’s wishes of luck on the coming exams were also greatly appreciated.

25248  II Year Jon Berrey

The brunch was very well organised. The food was amazing and the environment was very comforting. Most importantly it was very casual and everyone felt at ease around the Commandant which is not usually the case.

25885  I year Karan Malhan

I would like to thank Commodore Truelove for the wonderful food he made for us today. It was a great opportunity to meet the top of the chain of command at a personal level. The house was very nice and I had the opportunity to see the famous “bowling ally” as well. Frankly, the Commandant’s cooking was excellent; I especially liked his pancakes and would not hesitate to go back once more if I was to be invited again.

Overall, it was nice break before the Monday exams. Thank you very much for a superb afternoon of good food and relaxation.

25815  I Year Jason Jaeho Song