The McNaughton Sessions / Windsurfing Freestyle Jam

The McNaughton Sessions at RMC Sessions McNaughton au CMR

Readers  not within RMCC  may contact: Dr. Bill Hurley @ (613) 541-6000 ext 6468 or [email protected] Ms Kate O’Grady, (613) 541-6000 ext 6359 or [email protected]

Pour nos lecteurs au-delà des limites du Collège militaire royal du Canada vous pouvez contacter le Dr. Bill Hurley au (613) 541-6000 poste 6468 ou [email protected] ou encore Ms Kate O’Grady, (613) 541-6000 poste 6359 ou [email protected]



The Royal Military College Windsurfing Club at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario will host the Windsurfing Canada 2009 Kingston Freestyle Jam. The competition will be held on the weekend of September 19th and 20th. There is no wind minimum or rain date for the event. There will be windsurfing and other beach activities throughout the entire weekend. An entry fee for competitors of $30 includes two days of competition, two lunches, water/drinks during the event, raffle entry for prizes, and plenty of fun. Source