The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same: May 2009 in eVeritas

Editor’s Note: A search through the archives turned up a number of articles worth reprinting for eVeritas readers. Compare Gen Natynczyk’s remarks from 2009 with BGen Bouchard’s remarks here from last week. 

Excerpts from the Commissioning Parade Address to the Class of 2009 – CDS, 12320 General W.J. Natynczyk, CMM, MSC,CD

“I have six messages. Three are new and three you know by heart.

1- Confidence and humility. Be confident in your abilities and humble in your strengths. You are a product of the best training system in the world. We would not give you the responsibility unless you were ready for it. But don’t become arrogant. Humility should be your greatest virtue.
2- Listen and learn. Our NCOs are the most capable and experienced in the western world. Earn their trust and confidence and listen to their wise counsel. They’ll only give you advice once! If you don’t listen, then you’ll be on your own. Also listen to your company and squadron commanders, they too are trusted to pass on experience and knowledge.
3- Teamwork. It is all about relationships! Ours is a profession that demands teamwork, be an active team player. Your greatest challenge will be your own ambition.

That was the first three. Now the second three:  TRUTH-DUTY-VALOUR – If you can remember Truth, Duty, Valour, you will be good to go.

Since you arrived here you have learned the College motto’s meanings, you’ve sang them and shouted it, been lectured to for countless hours about the many meanings of Truth Duty Valour and how those that have gone before you have applied them in combat and garrison duty.

Be true to yourself and to others. Do your duty at all times, even when no one is looking over your shoulder – you know the standard! Have the courage to do and say what is right.”