The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s the People That Make This Place What It Is

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

Change is a fact of life at the College. As I’ve written about before, much has changed in the short time since I left Kingston for good in 2014. What I’ve found since I’ve been back, however, is that despite all the changes there is much that remains the same. There’s even a few things that don’t seem to ever change, that are almost a constant of life in the military college system. One of these is the people.

As part of my responsibilities here with e-Veritas I have interacted with a number of ex-Cadets over the last month. When I asked them to pinpoint a “few” favourite memories from their time in the military college system, they almost always brought up one thing and that’s the people they shared that time with and the friends they made while they were here. (And lest you think the people I interview are just reading a previous article and using that for inspiration, the answers remained the same when I put the question to multiple ex-Cadets in the same week.) It’s the people that make the military college experience what it is.

For most it was memories of their fellow Cadets that came to mind first. For some it was a staff member and for others it was a favourite prof or two. The point is that it was always the people. It didn’t matter if the ex-Cadet in question graduated fifty years ago or five. The friendships they made are what they remember the most.

If you’re here at the College now, or even just coming in, I’d encourage you to get out there and connect with those around you. Make the effort and take the risk. That way you’ll have stories to tell when you look back at your time here. It’s the friends that you make here that will make your experience what it is, just as it has been for everyone who has come before you.