The R.C.M.P. and the R.M.C. connection


The R.C.M.P. and the R.M.C. connection

Excerpt from the 1942 Review

On the 26th of January, 1942, with the departure of Corporal A.G. Arthur, R.C.M.P., after nearly five years’ service at the R.M.C., one intimate link between the Force and the College was severed for the time being.

Almost ten years ago, when Major-General W.H.P. Elkins, C.B.E., D.S.O., was Commandant, one corporal and two constables of the R.C.M.P. were stationed at the College from June 30th to August 28th in 1932, to guard the buildings and grounds and also to limit the activities of over-curious tourists.

This practice was, however, discontinued until the 1st of June, 1935, when two members of the Force were stationed at the College for the summer months, and also in 1936, but in the latter year one constable was retained during the winter. This new arrangement continued until the break of the War, since then two members of the Force have been quartered at the College throughout the year.


The calls on the R.C.M.P. are now many and of such vital importance that, at the Commissioner’s request, the two members stationed at the College were withdrawn at the beginning of this year for other duties. Their places are being taken by military guards, now that we are less of a college and more of a higher Military Training Centre and soon to become entirely the latter. We shall greatly miss the well know and much admired figures of Cpl. Arthur and his confreres and so will the tourists, if there are any. However we still have a close connection with the Force as No. 825, Commissioner S.T. Wood and seven other members of the R.C.M.P. are ex-cadets. We also get a glimpse of the odd member of Force when we pay our income taxes.

— W.R.P.B.