The Reality of Governance


President’s Awards 2013 & Changing of the Guard

At the RMC Club Annual General Meeting this past saturday besides the reports of committees; financial business and other items there were a few announcements of interest. Outgoing Club President, 9889 Bob Benn (pictured right in both photos) announced three President’s Awards: TORONTO BRANCH; 4976 REG WATTS; and 9143 BRUCE McALPINE (pictured left in first photo above). All three are very well deserving for valuable contributions that they have made for the overall betterment of the Club.

In the photo on the right Incoming President, 12059 Jacques Gagne is shown congratulating Bob Benn for his leadership and dedication on behalf of Club during his one year term as President.

In two other announcements: H13738 Colonel (ret) Chris Hadfield, MSC, CD was awarded an Honorary Life Membership while long time Executive Assistant to the RMCC Commandant – S170 Nathalie Filion-Poitras – is awarded Honourary Membership in the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada in recognition of her incredible devotion to the Colleges and Club in her capacity as the Executive Assistant to the Commandant for more than a decade.


Meetings – A Fact of Life


Reunion Weekends are designed to be a fun time, in particular, for returning classes and family & friends of I Years.

One other element of the RW that slips under the radar for most people, is the formal meeting for the Club and the Foundation. Both Executives met jointly and separately this past Friday while they combined the Annual General Meeting in Currie Hall – just before the Badging Parade on Saturday.

Attendance at the 2013 AGM was all of 28. Pretty typical numbers of recent past years.

Volunteer members of the Executive attend these meetings at their own expense including – travel, accommodation, meals, special events ie Legacy Dinner and more. For those travelling any distance they obviously run up quite a personal tab.

It has always been a bit of a puzzle to me, just how few Ex Cadets engage or are even aware of the tremendous administrative workload involved with these two organizations. In addition, both have conference calls throughout the year. The officers “talk” quite regularly and other members of the executive 2-3 times per year.

Minutes from the various meetings will be available in due time on both web sites. We will do our best to post a notice in e-Veritas when they are ready.