The Snowbirds migrate to RMC: Special lecture by 3 Ex Cadet pilots

Feature photo provided by: Dr. W. J. Hurley, Professor – Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (who received it from a friend)

The Snowbirds migrate to RMC: Special lecture by Ex Cadet pilots

Article by: OCdt Eliza Bruce, 27472 (IV), CWBO, E-veritas correspondent

This past Wednesday, three Snowbirds pilots, 22058 Major Bassam Mnaymneh of #6 Jet, 23170 Captain Maciej Hatta of #7 Jet, and 23501Captain Blake McNaughton of #10 Jet came to Currie Hall to give a special lecture to those of the officer cadet student body of RMC about possible paths of a pilot after training, and their own experiences as exhibition performance pilots with the RCAF.

OCdt James Dolman, 27280 (IV), CSL of 12 Sqn, who successfully completed his Primary Flight Training (PFT) course this past summer, speaks to “the snowbird briefing took place the night of the 13th in a stuffy, humid and hot Currie Hall. However, cadets of the college from all 4 years and all 3 elements sat intently listening to the shared experiences of the 3 snowbirds present.” The event was successful in its purpose of engaging the younger audience, especially those from other trades, as the pilots “focused their presentation on the importance of a work/life balance, team work and growth through failure. I enjoyed hearing the three of them speak, and I appreciated that they made a real effort to relate their challenges to FYOP, which I think had a positive impact on the first years present.”

Having also completed his PFT alongside OCdt Dolman this summer, OCdt Jonathan Visca, 27455 (IV), CSADO of 4 Sqn, shared his view on how the voluntary, informative briefing impressed him.

“It went quite well, was concentrated on teamwork and trust in your servicemen. It went on about mental courage to do the right thing for your job and subordinates/peers, and how important it is to ensure they best represent the members of the CAF specifically in regards to cooperation.  All three pilots were RMC graduates of all various degree programs. Some of them were taken back just returning to the college and all the memories they made. 2 of them were best friends here at the college and now they’re flying together—friendships here last forever.”

It is apparent that the words and shared perspectives of these skilled pilots influenced and positively inspired the budding generation about to launch on similar flight paths in the military.

Some of those sitting in the lecture hall will one day fill the places of such Air Force legends, and it is thanks to exposure with such individuals (who shared the RMC experience) that informs and enables the upward progress of these aspiring officers.