The Three C’s of Trust


Photo by: Mike Shewfelt

The Three C’s of Trust…

by Philip Gift

There are many reasons that a person joins an organization. No matter the reason, that person should strive to make a positive difference to the organization and its members. This impact…the cohesion that comes from positively influencing others…is the foundation of trust. And gaining it can be boiled down to three fundamentals:  Competence, Caring, and Communication.



First and foremost, a member of the organization needs to be competent. This does not mean he needs to be the best. It does mean that he has to be mentally, physically, and emotionally able to perform the tasks that are required of him in his role. If other members of the organization constantly have to help him or fix his mistakes then he will not be able to succeed.

A competent worker will be able to learn and grasp the tasks that are required of him. The longer a worker is in the job, the better he should be at accomplishing his tasks. Supervisors should be competent in these tasks to be able to oversee the work and to teach the workers. To help facilitate teaching, supervisors also need to be competent in handling people.

Managers, on the other hand, need to be competent in understanding problems in a compressed amount of time and also organizing and presenting ideas. When managers are presented an issue, they need to be able to grasp the crux of the problem and know what questions to ask to find a solution. Also, since managers move the organization in their desired direction, they will be introducing new ideas.

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