The Town Hall

Officers Well Educated – Reinforced

By: 25961 OCdt Ethan Strong

The tone was bittersweet as the Commandant addressed the college for the last time before graduation: bittersweet for the graduating class, the commandant, and the college community.

The commandant, 14835 Brigadier-General Eric Tremblay, began by addressing the graduating class. The graduating class, just 9 short days from graduation, has the bittersweet feeling of leaving the college after 4 long years. The graduating class has the excitement of the next phase of their careers approaching, and the looming acceptance of leaving their home of 4 years, to set the tone for their final week at the college. Their “toolboxes” are full and they are ready to “walk the talk”, as the Commandant put it.

The class of 2013 are not the only ones preparing to leave the college, as the Commandant is also moving on at the end of the end of this term. This made the tone personally bittersweet for the Commandant as, just like the class of 2013, he is leaving the college for the next step in his career. Best of luck in your future endeavors sir!

The majority of the Commandant’s speech to the college addressed the way forward for the college in retrospect to what has been happening during his time as Commandant. The Commandant stressed that there are many ways to get our officers an undergraduate education, but that the role of RMC is to do more than that; the role is to produce “officers well educated”. In the face of budget cuts, the college must look for efficiencies and bear in mind the role of the college as we move forward.

For better or for worse, it is a time of change at the college: the class of 2013 is graduating, the Commandant is moving on and the college is undergoing changes. Each of these aspects of change has both bitter and sweet connotations that will make our experience at the college interesting as we move forward.

Best of luck to the Commandant and Class of 2013 as they move on!

Medals & Coin Presentations…

The College took the time during the Town Hall, to pause and recognize the contribution of members whose tireless efforts and dedication to RMCC and the CAF are extraordinary. Prizes and awards were given in the form of medals, commendations and Commandant’s Coins. You will find below a list of all members who were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the college community. Congratulations to everyone!


The Canadian Forces Decoration is awarded to Officers and Non-Commissioned Members of the Canadian Forces with good record of conduct, who have completed twelve years of service. Each subsequent 10 years of service earns a member an additional clasp on the medal. OCdt Marchall and NCdt Ezekiel were awarded the decoration for 12 years of service. The decoration clasp for 32 years of service was awarded to LCol Gosselin, LCdr Hamilton and BGen Tremblay.

The General campaign Star is awarded to members of the CF who deploy into defined theater of operations to take part in operations in the presence of an armed enemy. One rotation bar recognizes 210 days of eligible service. The first rotation bar was awarded to Capt. Champion.

The Diamond Jubilee medal is presented for contributions to Canada in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. The Diamond Jubilee medal was presented to LCol Jason King.

Commandant’s Commendation

Miss Sandra Martingano was recognized for 15 years of exemplary service to the Ministry of National Defence as a civilian.

Miss Kathy Neilson was commended for her outstanding dedication to the RMCC Slowpoke facility and the highly professional manner in which she has represented RMCC both within DND and outside to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission over the past 13 years.

Miss Marcelle Poirier was commended for her outstanding dedication to RMCC in her role as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff and as the Coordinator of translation services.

Master Warrant Officer Brown, commissionaire, was recognized for his dedication to the security of RMCC across his two decades of service.

BGen Tremblay’s Coin of Excellence

OCdt Antoine Pelletier was given this award for his dedication and hard work during MOC weekend in March, where he exhibited an outstanding performance as the leader of his team.

Miss Deborah Reimer was recognized by the commandant for her outstanding management within the Environmental Services Group, where she developed a system to improve fiscal management. Her actions to improve this process render her model to her colleagues and to the college as a whole.

Mr. Graeme Duke-Gibbs is a very active member of the RMCC Yacht and Sailing Club where he has taken on many of the administrative responsibilities in recent years. Mr. Duke-Gibbs was recognized by the commandant for tremendous efforts to support this club and RMCC.

Sgt (retired) Trevor Wilson was awarded a Commandant’s coin for his valuable contribution to supporting RMCC’s rapidly evolving educational technologies as a CIS section data analyst for 2 years.

Mr. Mike Gatien was given this award for his outstanding involvement in the college as a mechanical technologist since 1981. Mr. Gatien has mentored thousands of students, researchers and faculty as well as managed many projects, making him an invaluable member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Gabov, and his Assistant Brittany Webster, lavished great care and attention on the decorative paintings in Currie Building and demonstrated great artistic skill in its execution. They have made a lasting contribution to the College which was recognized with the presentation of the Commandant’s Coin.

The following members of the Sandhurst support staff were presented the Commandant’s Coin for their tireless efforts which facilitated the team’s pursuit of excellence. Without their support, the success of the team at the annual West Point competition would not have been possible.

WO Chris Desjardins; WO Chuck Cote; Sgt Chad Hotner; Steve Mitchell; OCdt Aaron Brideau; OCdt Cindy Lavine; OCdt Andrew Legge; OCdt Matthew Bowser; and OCdt Adam Goddard