• 7307 Dave Primeau

    June 25, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    The photo labeled “Boxing 63” shows the 10 finalists in that year’s recruit boxing tournament. Reading left to right, the back row is me, not sure (Fosbury maybe?), 7277 Pete Day, 7267 Scotty Brittain, and 7300 Jerry Morgan. The front row is 7290 Juri Kasemets, 7287 Dave Harold, 7309 Jeff Sawchuk, 7264 Ross Betts and 7303 Mike Nardella. Five of us were commissioned in the RCN which is rather disproportionate and nine of us graduated in 1967. Clearly there is a correlation between boxing prowess and the ability to fool the powers that be.

    We don’t look too happy, particularly me! I think Juri may have something to do with that, and also the fact that I did not recognize myself and still have doubts it really is me.

    Dave Primeau