The Week That Was…

Photo by: Capt Yvette Grygoryev – Public Affairs Officer

Caption: Chinese defence minister General Chang Wanquan visited RMCC last week. Commandant, BGen Al Meinzinger hosted the visiting General; the two exchanged gifts to commemorate the historic occasion. The visit by the Chinese MND and delegation was a great opportunity to showcase the College, and following the formal presentation the questions posed by the visitors indicated their genuine interest in how Officers in Canada are produced.

Life around RMCC quickly moving into high gear


Activities have picked up around the college over the past week. Things will only get busier!

The varsity training camps & exhibition matches have started; a lively and productive Barslate Workshop was completed. The high-light had to be the arrival of the first years (recruits) on saturday.

The staff orientation and refresher training sessions were held and the commandant took  the occasion to address College personnel and provided his Command philosophy. BGen Meinzinger also had the pleasure of greeting the new Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) class of 18 students.

By the time this article is posted the Cadet Wing will be pretty well at full strength – everyone accounted for and the fun begins.

The first year commandant,  completed personal interviews with all of his senior staff plus the, RMC Club Executive Director, Bryan Bailey and RMC Club / Foundation Executive Vice President, Rod McDonald. He met with the Fall term CWC, 25832 Kyle Nielsen to ensure early alignment and establish a regular communication tempo. He also addressed the new Barslate.

This week promises to be a busy one. Highlights: Monday, Danish Defence College Visit; and on Wed, a Colombian War College Visit.

Extra, Extra…

We had the opportunity to chat with the commandant one-on-one late last week. Following is a  recap of what BGen Meinzinger had to say. A BIG THANK YOU to 7897 Gilles Langlois for the last minute request to translate the article.

“I am delighted to see both the new first year Officer-Cadet recruits and second year Officer-Cadets from RMC Saint-Jean arrive and pass through the Memorial Arch as I did as a bright-eyed cadet in 1985.

The tradition of the Cadet Memorial Arch Parade truly marks the beginning of the year and is an example of the wonderful traditions that make RMCC such a unique national institution.

Over the coming weeks, the new first year Officer-Cadet recruits will learn basic military skills, ethos and self-discipline. Most critically, they will learn the importance of teamwork as it will enable their success over the next four years. Through their hard work, dedication and commitment, cadets forge lifelong friendships and enduring memories.

The efforts of the new first year Officer-Cadet recruits will culminate in the completion of the obstacle course and receiving the college cap badge signifying the successful completion of the first year orientation program. At the same time we will welcome back ex-cadets and supporters in the cherished tradition of Reunion Weekend.”

«Je suis ravi de l’arrivée des élèves-officiers recrues de première année et des élèves-officiers de deuxième année venant du CMR Saint-Jean et de les voir défiler sous l’Arche commémorative, comme je l’ai fait étant un cadet prêt à tout en 1985.

La parade traditionnelle des cadets sous l’Arche commémorative marque véritablement le début de l’année et est un exemple des merveilleuses traditions qui font du CMRC une institution nationale unique.

Au cours des prochaines semaines, les élèves-officiers recrues de première année acquerront des compétences militaires de base, de l’autodiscipline et des connaissances de l’éthique militaire. Surtout, ils apprendront l’importance du travail d’équipe qui leur permettra de réussir durant les quatre prochaines années. Grâce à leur travail acharné, leur dévouement et leur engagement, les cadets forgeront des amitiés à vie et des souvenirs durables.

Les efforts des élèves-officiers recrues de première année se termineront par la course à obstacles suivie par la présentation de l’insigne de coiffure du Collège, signifiant l’achèvement du programme d’orientation de première année. En même temps, nous accueillerons les Anciens-cadets et les partisans à la précieuse tradition de la fin de semaine des retrouvailles.»