The Week That Was…

Photos by: Dr. Paul Kavanagh (Operation Veteran)

  • Class of 2019 March Through Memorial Arch; Still Being Refurbished

  • FYOP staff well prepared and up to the challenge

  • Many photos of the Class of 2019 arrival




Class of 2019 March Through a Memorial Arch Still Being Refurbished

By: WJO 

Close to 300 cadets entered Royal Military College of Canada this past Saturday, 29 Aug.

As many of our readers are aware, the Memorial Arch has been undergoing a major refurbishment over the past few months. The job is not complete but special arrangements were made to provide a temporary entrance.

Word has it that the job will be complete prior to Reunion Weekend. Consequently, there should be no change to the Sunday March to the Arch by returning Ex Cadets.

Our plan is to provide up-to-date articles during the First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) over the next number of weeks leading to the obstacle course and the badging parade – 25 – 26 September.

Many more photos by Dr. Paul Kavanagh (Operation Veteran) –  HERE


FYOP staff well prepared and up to the challenge

By: WJO / Photos by26267 OCdt Erik St-Gelais

We had the opportunity to connect with 26783 OCdt (IV) Jeffrey Arnold – Officer Cadet in charge of 2015 First Year Orientation Period (FYOP). He is the person that had things very well under control when the incoming cadets met up at the Field House where many family and friends gathered too. Some minor administrative tasks took place prior to the traditional march through the Memorial Arch.

“The class of 2019 marched under the Memorial Arch, marking the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding four years at RMC. Despite the construction around the arch, 185 first year recruits, about 100 CMR second year students and 12 UTP-NCM students managed to keep a long lasting RMC tradition alive.”

The very confident and well spoken FYOP i/c went on to add: “The first year recruits stood on the Parade Square with an obvious excitement as the Director of Cadets, LCol. Popov addressed them. Upon the dismissal, FYOP 2015 kicked off as the third and fourth year cadet staff welcomed the first year recruits with open arms. Here’s to a successful FYOP 2015!”




Many Ex Cadets will no doubt recognize and remember the panic involved while the new cadets had to find their luggage under the sympathetic and understanding eye of their staff. Some things never change on Day one.

We had the opportunity to speak with many of the new arrivals. As a group they impressed us with their quiet confidence and eagerness to meet head-on what lies ahead. One young lad from Nova Scotia without a hint of shyness had this to say. “Bring it on!” We’ll keep track of him as the coming days unfold.

The new cadets face, a steady dust to dawn routine over the next couple of weeks including some special events which are all designed to mold these young men and women into future officers prepared to serve Canada.

We wish them all success through FYOP and well beyond.

MORE arrival photos by 26267 OCdt Erik St-Gelais – HERE