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Commissioning of 26396 2Lt Marc-Antoine Petit

February always a ‘special’ month for Kingston Branch

The RMC Military Skills Team: New Year, New Team – Off to Mexico Soon

Sports Roundup



A short but dignified ceremony took place last Monday (1 Feb) near the memorial staircase. The commandant, BGen Sean Friday presided.

This special event was the commissioning of 26396 2Lt Marc-Antoine Petit who is an aerospace control officer. He completed a double major in computer science and business administration. He also met the Royal Military College of Canada standard in all four components of military leadership, athleticism, academics, and bilingualism.


February always a ‘special’ month for Kingston Branch

This past Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to attend the RMC Club Kingston Branch luncheon at the Senior Staff Mess. While I was double hatted as the event photographer, the luncheon, the first club event that I have attended, gave me a great opportunity to meet and chat with many ex-cadets. After acquiring a pop, I set about to mingle and take pictures.


With roughly a crowd of 35 including ex-cadets, their spouses & friends, and current cadets at the luncheon, it was easy to get caught up listening to the amazing stories of careers and RMC as it once was. For lunch, broccoli soup and a garden salad was served followed by coffee and Nanaimo bars for dessert.


After lunch, the club gathered in the lounge to listen to a presentation by the RMC Expedition Club on their recent trip to Southern Chile over Christmas Break. Questions followed with many ex-cadets commenting on how they wished that they had had a similar club during their time at RMC. The presentation concluded with a donation of $200 by the Kingston Branch to the Expedition Club.

Article & photos by OCdt Luke Brannigan 26503 – More Kingston Branch photos here



The RMC Military Skills Team: New Year, New Team

Article By 26685 NCdt (IV) Graham Mater; Photos by: OCdt Luke Brannigan 26503

Change is good.

That is the attitude that the RMC Military Skills Team has embodied, and it’s working. Formerly known as the Sandhurst Team, the Military Skills Team has undergone some restructuring and rebranding. The team has been traditionally known as the Sandhurst Team because their primary objective was the Sandhurst Competition, which is held annually at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. However, this year the team will represent Canada at the Sandhurst Competition, as well as another international military skills competition in Mexico.

In previous years, the team has completed a selection process in January and trained solely in the Winter semester. This year, the team was selected in October. After a week of exhaustive selection events under the oversight of PSP and military staff, fifteen individuals were chosen to form the RMC Military Skills Team.

This team is composed of a group of hard-working, motivated, and well-rounded cadets. By selecting the team in the Fall, it has allowed for an earlier start to the training season, giving the team more time to focus on technical skills, build teamwork and cohesion, and also spread out the training schedule to allow team members to keep up with their academic studies.

As a result, we have a more balanced, healthy, and cohesive team, which will be an invaluable asset in preparation for the upcoming competitions.

The team consists of cadets from all years, and is led by the Team Captain, 26941 OCdt (III) David Chadwick. Dave is a charismatic leader and is diligently invested in the training and development of the team, as well as the success and well-being of each individual team member. Dave’s right-hand-man is 26707 OCdt (IV) Anton Humeniuk, the second-in-charge of the team. Anton, a venerable giant, has three years of experience on the team, and uses this experience to support the Team Captain and ensure the direction, mentorship, and professional competence of the team.

The team trains both mornings and evenings during the week, and also on weekends, but this devotion would be in vain if it were not for the support of several key staff members.

The Officer in Charge of the team is Captain Justin Lystiuk. Captain Lystiuk is familiar with the dynamic of the team and is able to provide oversight to ensure that the team’s interests are represented and they have the best opportunity for success.

Warrant Officer Julian Wieczorek acts as the team’s subject matter expert on military skills. He uses his experience from combat tours in Afghanistan and his extensive knowledge of tactics and strategy to facilitate the effective training of the team and ensure that each member is confident and competent in all of their skills.

For physical training the team has the privilege of having Mr. Tomasz Deren as a strength and conditioning coach. Tomasz has experience training professional athletes and devotes his own time, outside of his role as a PSP staff, to develop the physical fitness of the team and give them the capacity to achieve excellence even under the most exhausting conditions.

The team has extensive support from the College as well as the RMC Foundation, specifically the Class of ’64. The Class of ’64 has sponsored the team for many years and provides funds that are used to source special equipment and resources that enhance the excellence of the team. This year, team members have already received a pair of light-weight, tactical combat boots that will help them keep up the gruelling pace required during the competitions and also prevent injuries.

On Wednesday the 10th of February, the team will depart for their first event of the 2016 season: the Chimaltlalli Competition, which is hosted by the Heroic Military College in Mexico. This will be Canada’s inaugural appearance at the Chimaltlalli Competition, and the RMC Military Skills Team expects to make a good first impression.

This world-class international competition will be attended by a variety of military academies from Mexico, the United States, The United Kington, and Russia, as well as a host of countries from Central and South America.

With three months of training under their belts and steadfast support from the College, the team is confident in their skills and looks forward to representing Canada abroad.

More ‘Range’ photos by OCdt Luke Brannigan 26503 – HERE


2016 version of Carr-Harris Cup won by Queen’s Gaels

Last Thursday (4 Feb) Queen’s Gaels  topped the RMC Paladins  6-2 to take the 30th annual Carr/Harris Cup matchup between the teams, in the oldest rivalry in hockey.  A large contingent of RMC staff and cadets took in the game.

Our e-Veritas photographers OCdts Erik St-Gelais and Melanie Hughes capture a number of great shots both on and off the ice.

We expect to have some more Carr / Harris game photos soon. Once they are available we will update this post.


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Sport scores:

(M) Volleyball:

Fri. 5 Feb RMC 2 Waterloo 3 Final Box Score

Sat. 6 Feb

RMC 0 Guelph 3 Final Box Score

(W) Volleyball

Sun. 7 Feb – RMC 1 Brock 3 Box Score

RMC Brock 2:00 PM
RMC 2 Queen’s 6 Final Box Score

Frid 5 Feb

UQTR 13 RMC 0 Final Box Score

Sun 7 Feb

Concordia 7 RMC Box score