The Week That Was…

Horrid weather was the name of the game around the peninsula last week.

The usual high profile events such as Copper Sunday and the Battle of Atlantic did manage to survive but not with the same level usually provided by the cadets.

As the week unfolded cadets could be seen in one of two places – on the parade square where we would expect to see them this time of year.

The other ‘busy’ spot mostly from Wed to Friday was the area behind the Frigate; in front of the Boat House; right up to behind Panet House.

Volunteer staff and cadets (I’m not sure they were volunteers) were able to build a nice wall of sandbags. The whole exercise was one of precautionary rather than imminent flooding.

As we went to press on Sunday afternoon the worse appears to be over.

Well done to all those who rolled up their sleeves and took part to help…


Copper Sunday (submitted by Padre (LCdr) Catherine MacKinnon

Copper Sunday was a low key event this year. A handful of factors resulted in the cancellation of the traditional parade from RMCC to down town Kingston however some RMCC Cadets still participated actively in the two main Cathedrals – St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and St George Anglican Cathedral.

Accompanied by OCdt (Piper) Joseph Shields, the Colour party marched proudly into St George Anglican Cathedral where Padre (Major) Dennis Newhook offered the sermon.

A few blocks away, at The Cathedral of St Mary of the Immaculate Conception, accompanied by Padre (LCdr) Catherine MacKinnon, nine Officer Cadets, (one missing from the photo) joined the procession.

They were again preceded by the sound of the great highland bagpipes played by OCdt (piper) Tristen Perry.  Upholding the tradition of bringing their coins (not copper perhaps but coin all the same) in small cloth bags they “gave alms” and took up the Sunday collections for the parish. These nine cadets also fulfilled the roles of reader and gift bearers. They did RMCC proud.


Dimanche des sous noirs (soumis par Padre (Capc) Catherine MacKinnon

Dimanche des sous noirs (Copper Sunday) a été souligné de façon plus discrète cette année. Divers facteurs ont contribué à l’annulation de la parade du CMRC au centre-ville de Kingston mais un petit nombre d’étudiants (et les deux padres chrétiens) ont assisté, et participé, activement dans les deux grandes cathédrales de Kingston : la Cathédrale anglicane de St-Georges et la Cathédrale catholique de Ste-Marie de l’immaculée conception.  

Accompagné par la cornemuse jouée par Élof Joseph Shields, les ports drapeaux ont défilé, avec fierté, dans la cathédrale de St Georges où le Padre (Major) Dennis Newhook a offert l’homélie.

Quelques rues plus loin, dans la Cathédrale catholique de Ste-Marie de l’immaculée conception, accompagnés par Padre (CMRC) Catherine MacKinnon, neuf Élof, (dont un est absent de la photo) se sont joints à la procession.

Encore une fois ils été accompagnés par un cornemuseur (l’Élof Tristen Perry).  Fières à la tradition d’amener leur monnaie (peut-être pas des sous noirs mais de l’argent quand même) ils ont porté à l’église des petits sacs remplis d’argent qu’ils ont donné durant la quête. Durant la messe un Élof a servi comme lecteur et les autres ont ramassé la quête et ont amené les dons à l’autel. Leur participation a été bien reçue par la cathédrale. Nous reconnaissons leur contribution à la communauté et au Colège.


                   Battle of Atlantic Ceremony – 7 May 2017

End of Nijmegen Tryouts, Team Finalized

OCdt Eliza Bruce, 27472 (III), E-veritas correspondent

This past week was an intensive speed towards the end of Nijmegen selection for the representative team RMC will be sending over to Holland in the summer for the four day march, amongst numerous other Canadian contingents. Training included 20km, 30km, then 10km weighted marches, with the days in between serving for recovery and strengthening workout sessions. Having started out with 21 cadets and 6 staff total at the beginning of tryouts, the primary members and alternates for the team were selected to complete their summer training in Kingston in preparation for the march:

Sebastien Genereux, Eliza Bruce‎, Roy Leake, Thomas Levert‎, Jonathan Richardson, Patrick Saumure, Elise Thivierge‎, Marcel Parent‎, Elisabeth Desgagne‎, Nicholas Parent‎, Gabriel Turner‎, Michael Cherry.

In the course of less than one day we pretty much circumnavigated the entire city of Kingston, and that was not even the full distance we would be walking on a route in the Netherlands—you definitely grow to have more of an appreciate for the fine details of scenery, urban environment, nature, conversation, and long silence. Albeit there have been some gruelling moments in the sun, and with the length of distance none of us are really accustomed to walking, the experiences so far have been rewarding enough to know we are all in for one incredible, fitness-central, military training summer together.