The Week That Was

Commissioning ceremony for five OCdt’s! Commandant, commodore  Bill Truelove spoke to the freshly minted officers, their family and friends in a quaint ceremony at the senior staff Mess last Thursday.

Five new officers are: Lt. Drogosiewicz…. Lt MacGregor…. 2Lt.  Jacques…. 2Lt Cho….. 2Lt Soucy

At press time, we were still hoping to receive some background information on the five.

We do know that two from Otter Squadron (former NCMs) skipped any time as 2Lt. and received their full Lieutenant rank from DCdt, LCol Sue Wigg the following day. (photos below)

All photos by: Dan Fleming


On Thursday afternoon, the Commandant, CCWO and Principal were pleased to visit the Politics and Economics Department. One of the larger Departments in the Academic Wing and under the great leadership of the Department Head, Dr. David Last, the team in the department continue to provide outstanding education to the Cadets and many others enrolled in their programs,while also conducting research and collaboration across a wide range of subjects.


35 cadets enjoy brunch at the College B&B

With the Cadets back from the holiday break , the Commandant and “College Mom” welcomed a large number to the residence on Sunday morning for the first brunch of 2011. As always, a wonderful morning as the cadets got ‘caught up’ after their holidays while settling back in for the 2nd semester.

Well fed cadets express their gratitude

On Sunday, 16 January 2011, I had the honor of attending the Commandant’s brunch. As I am in first year I am still discovering many aspects of this college, and the Commandant’s brunch is something I have not had the chance of doing before. It is also a chance to interact with some of the other cadets of the college, with the brunch consisting of cadets from all four years, and thirteen squadrons. Many stories of experience and advice were exchanged throughout the brunch. Cadets were also invited to explore the house, as it is a major piece of college history, and not many cadets are familiar with the inside of the house.

Pictures and portraits throughout the house provided us with a glimpse into the college’s past, and the commandant’s past as well. The picture of the RMC campus in the upstairs of the house generated a lot of talk. It was a big black and white picture, and people were testing their college knowledge by attempting to guess when it was taken, judging by the buildings that were present and those that had not yet been constructed.

The brunch was scrumptious and some of the dishes served were muffins, scramble eggs, sausages, pancakes and hash browns. This was all prepared by the Commandant and his family. The brunch lasted approximately two hours and by the end everyone left with a full stomach and their sense of curiosity (with regards to the interior of the house) satisfied.


25985 OCdt (I) Kiran D’Souza – 1 Sqn


Le brunch du Commandant est un évènement à ne pas manquer pour 3 raisons:

1. Il s’agit d’une bonne opportunité pour rencontrer le Commandant du CMRC dans des conditions plus conviviales.

2. Si jamais vous êtes comme moi et désirez visiter la maison, c’est l’occasion idéale! Le Cmdt encourage même ses invités à découvrir les lieux historiques!

3. Bien évidemment, il est possible de rencontrer de nouveaux Élofs!

Bref, le temps a passé rapidement!

24721 Élof (IV) Eve Bonneau – A/COMO Esc 5


I was once again extended the privilege of attending one of the Trueloves’ many wonderful brunches held at their historical home.

As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately greeted by Commodore Truelove. He, while clad in an apron, shook my hand and welcomed me in like an honoured guest. He then encouraged me to wonder around his house, to be nosy, to mingle, and to leave no leftovers on the refreshment table (mission accomplished). After a bit of exploring, we all gathered, and the commodore briefly reminded us that in previous years, the cadets mistakenly regarded the commandant’s house as some magical and forbidden place, and that we should take some time to explore his home. A short while later, brunch was laid out on the table in the dining room, and we all anxiously lined up to enjoy a great meal. Muffins, hash-browns, ham, pancakes, eggs, and sausages were on my plate as I made my way to the scenic sun room to eat.

The Commandant’s brunch is an opportunity to enjoy the company of others, to enjoy some real food, and to enjoy a Sunday morning, and I will look forward to future Brunches.

26013 (1) OCdt Ryan Perry – 10 Sqn


Service of Remembrance and Celebration for Lesley Ann Muirhead

By: 13789 Cdr Darren Rich, RMCC Chief of Staff

Over 200 people packed Currie Hall on a clear, sunny but cold Sunday afternoon to say farewell to Lesley Muirhead, the RMC Cadet Mess Manager for the past 15+ years. So overwhelming was the crowd that the upper balcony of Currie Hall was opened and Padre Lublink apologized to all for running out of service bulletins.

Lesley lost a short but courageous battle with cancer on 18 December 2010 and in keeping with her wishes, the service was presided over by both Padre Bujold and Padre Lublink. Amongst those in attendance included her daughter Corinna (husband Dean and children Carter and Hailey) and her siblings Elaine (husband Jerry), Donald and Diana (husband Donald) as well as many friends and co-workers from the Base and RMC, her civilian friends, local musicians and a large contingent of OCdts/NCdts – resplendent in their Scarlets. Those in attendance heard from several speakers, including her daughter Corinna (through a friend), her brother Donald and three members of the College, just what Lesley meant to them and others.

Corinna’s eulogy spoke of her close attachment to her mother, how they would always talk about things and how Lesley sometimes took Corinna’s husband Dean’s side and told her to “suck it up”. We heard about how they would always talk about their favourite television shows, but how Lesley would ask Corinna to call back after her favourite soap opera finished. Finally, the story was told of how a set of speakers in the ceiling, that hadn’t worked for ages, suddenly started working after Lesley passed away, while her favourite song, Amazing Grace, was playing.

Lesley’s brother Don spoke emotionally of her determined and never ending efforts to find and contact him, eventually ending a 40-year separation in 2002. Don had lived in numerous foster homes but that did not deter Lesley from wading through the numerous levels of red tape to be able to be reunited with him.

The College Chief of Staff, Cdr Darren Rich, spoke of his relationship with Lesley over the past seven years and noted several stories of how she was always there, would always refer to the OCdts/NCdts as “her kids” and went out of her way to ensure that any event held either by the Cadet Mess or in the Cadet Mess, was well organized. He also commented on several cards that had been received over the week and a note posted on Face book. By his calculation, just shy of 1/6th of all Military College graduates from 1876 to today have been influenced in one way or another by Lesley!

Mr. Alphonse Doyle spoke of his close working relationship with Lesley over the past eight years; again echoing previous remarks about Lesley’s close affection and deeply felt ownership of “her kids”. One story told about how something had transpired in the Cadet Mess one evening and Lesley walked into the Cadet Dining Hall the next morning and asked a group of OCdts to spread the word that she wished to speak with the “individual involved” at 1000 that morning. Alphonse had never seen an OCdt looking as scared and sheepish as the individual that appeared at her door shortly before 1000 that morning. The issue was resolved with a few words from Lesley and Alphonse noted that it was more effective than any sanctions that the Mil Wing might have been able to impose.

Finally, OCdt Somogyvari, the current Cadet Wing PMC, spoke of his relationship with Lesley and how she would always meet him with a smile and a personal word before they got down to business. He recounted how he had decided early on in his RMC career that he wished to be the PMC in Fourth Year, how he came to mention it to Lesley and how she mentored and assisted him in attaining his goal.

After the words of remembrance, we heard one of Lesley’s favourite songs, “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Later in the service, OCdt Somogyvari played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

At the end of the service, another of Lesley’s favourite songs was played. During the Recessional all were treated to Abba’s Dancing Queen. The volume wasn’t nearly as loud as it normally is, and the normal level of celebration that accompanies the playing of this song was notably, and respectfully, tempered.

Now is not only a time for us to grieve but also a our time to celebrate her life. Don’t ever forget Lesley. She never wanted to see people cry. She wanted to make everyone happy. So at this moment, let’s all think back and remember how Lesley touched our lives. How she made us laugh and how good she was as a person. This is not only a moment for us to shed our tears but also to be thankful that we were given the chance to have known her.

Lesley, fair winds and following seas.