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Annual RMC Winter Sports Day – West Point Cadets Join in the Fun!

by OCdt Greg Theriau, 25223, 1 Sqn

The weather could not have been better for the Annual RMC Winter Sports Day, which took place on Saturday, 5 February 2011. Joined by fellow Cadets from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, RMC Cadets participated in various winter activities, with the results of the events contributing to the Commandant’s Challenge.

Among the activities was a ball hockey tournament which took place on the parade square. With the temperatures rising throughout the afternoon, many Officer Cadets found themselves with shovels, attempting to clean the slush from the courts. The winner of the ball hockey tournament was 10 Squadron, who were victorious against 6 Squadron in the championship game.

Another activity which took place was a snow football tournament. Officer Cadets were forced to dodge a skylark from the previous night (a giant 11 created by 11 Squadron) in the middle of inner field. In the end, 5 Squadron defeated 8 Squadron to become tournament champions.

The winter obstacle course, which was set up throughout inner field, consisted of a toboggan pull, stretcher carry, snow shoeing, snowman making, snowball biathlon (throwing snowballs from your stomach into a garbage can), and a crazy carpet slide. At the end of this extensive event 5 Squadron was once again victorious, defeating all other Squadrons handily.

Immediately following the winter obstacle course, Cadets participated in the annual chain of command relay race. Similar to the relay race in the Fall Sports Day, cadets and mil wing staff were organized within their Squadrons according to the chain of command structure. Participants alternated between snow shoeing and a toboggan pull, utilizing all members of their 20 person teams. The winner of the relay race was 5 Squadron, who cleaned up in almost every event this year.

The Spirit Award, presented to the Squadron who displays the most squadron pride throughout the day, was awarded to 7 Squadron. In the end, OCdts were able to get outside and get some physical activity, but most of all, lots of fun was had in the process which could not have been exhibited any better than by the impromptu Wing-wide snowball fight that developed on Inner Field.

The RMC recreation and intramural staff would like to express their sincerest appreciation to all Athletic Department bar positions, volunteers, PAG members, and sports day participants who helped to make this event a success.

Historic Hockey

6 Wins in 7 Years for RMC!

24647 Paul Lystiuk Photo by: Chad Blundy

Beautiful weather, sold out crowd, and the few people who were huddled around the hotdog stand made this the perfect setting for RMC to compete in the 52nd Annual Historic Hockey Game. This event consists of three teams: RMC, Queen’s, and a team from RCHA Petawawa. This year marks the 125th year of the hockey rivalry between the two Universities who started the sport. As well, the team from the RCHA represents the members of the Kingston Garrison who used to play on Confederation basin back in the 1880’s.

The first match was against the team from the RCHA. RMC got out to a quick lead with Jack Lawson scoring early in the first period, Daniel MacGregor scoring shortly after to give the team a two goal lead. RMC managed to fend off the gunners for the rest of the game and came out with the 2-0 victory.

After a very cold 20 minute break RMC laced up their skates over their frozen toes and were up against Queen’s. Queen’s had just defeated the RCHA with a 4-3 win, arguably one of the bigger upsets of Historic Hockey history. Despite Queen’s recent victory, RMC battled hard in the first period quickly scoring a record setting 5 goals in a single period. This amount of goal production has been unseen in the history of this event. It must also be noted that Jack Lawson scored three of the five goals in this period. RMC tallied one more in the second to make it a 6-0 game however Queen’s finally broke Max Peetsma’s shoot out streak late in the second period and the game finished a 6-1 victory for RMC.

On top of the record breaking 5 goals in a period, RMC set another record today. This was RMC`s 6th win in 7 years (I won’t comment about the Class of ’09 and their second place finish to Queen’s). Overall, a spectacular day for RMC.

On a final note Jack Lawson was also named the tournament MVP in which he was awarded many gifts as well as his name will be put on a plaque displayed in the International Hockey Hall of Fame. Yet another opportunity for the Lawson name to be immortalized forever as the elite of RMC.

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