The Week That Was and More…

More Honours for College Staff

Photos by Capt Yvette Grygoryev, RMCC Public Affairs Officer

The honours continued for College Staff members this past week as BGen Eric Tremblay, College Commandant, recognized deserving individuals in a small ceremony held at the Memorial Staircase. Those present were unable to attend the recent Town Hall, at which most of the awards were presented. (Click here for e-Veritas’ coverage of the Town Hall.)

Capt Robie Gourd, Standards Officer, received both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Commandant’s Coin for Excellence. Capt Peter Hamilton, 7 Sqn & Otter Sqn Commander, received the Commandant’s Coin for Excellence, as did LCol Michael Moore, the Comptroller of the Canadian Defence Academy. In addition, Lt(N) Michael Butler, a post-graduate Business Administration student, received his promotion to Lieutenant-Commander.


Old Hospital Gets Face Lift

One of the many construction jobs visible around the campus over the last few weeks has been at the Old Hospital, where the porch was refurbished by the CFB Kingston Engineering Structures Shop. The refurbishment was completed this past week.


Crunch Time for Cadet Wing

Visions of sugar plums may be dancing in their heads, but they can’t enjoy them just yet. The Cadet Wing began the last push this past Monday with two weeks of exams as the Fall Semester comes to a close. This is the last hurdle before a well-deserved rest, and for the Fourth Years, the final break before the home stretch to Graduation in May.


Cadet Shows Appreciation to Kitchen Staff

We may gripe about the food and the line ups in the Mess, but in the end the Cadets appreciate the hard work of the staff at the Cadet Dining Hall. 25350 OCdt (IV) Mitchell Newman took the time this past week to make sure the Staff know just the Cadets appreciate what they do.

Articles and photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt.


Exam Morale: PAG Pizza Night!

Article by 25892 NCdt (IV) Meghan Thompson

Every year during exam periods (both in December and April), the Peer Assistance Group (PAG) holds an Exam Pizza Night.

This year the event took place on December 9th, and, with 34 extra large pizzas pre-ordered, it drew quite the crowd.

Pizza was served at 20h00 by the OPI 25350 NCdt (IV) Mitchell Newman, the outgoing B Division PAG Team Leader, with help from the incoming PAG Vice-President, 26323 OCdt Shane Savage, the incoming PAG Training Coordinator, 26434 NCdt (II) Wendy Gracias, and the incoming PAG President, 25892 NCdt (IV) Meghan Thompson.

Hosted in the Cadet drinking mess, Bill and Alfie’s, the pizza night drew more than 140 cadets out of their rooms for a well-needed study break, and allowed those Cadets still on campus writing exams a chance to see that PAG, as usual, is still around to support them. Serving not only to increase morale during one of RMC’s peak stress periods, but also increase the visibility of the Peer Assistance Group, this year’s PAG Pizza Night met our objective to help show that those who may need us during this busy time know that we are there for them.

One Comment

  • 3rd year cadet

    December 9, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Concerning the kitchen staff, I’m sorry but no.

    A couple days ago, I arrived at the CDH at 1255, 5 minutes before closing time. As I got in to grab a plate of food, I was treated like some kind of undesirable, herded by two staffs from the moment I picked up my platter to the moment I left and was constantly reminded that I was wasting their time! One of the staff in particular seemed to have a very nebulous understanding of what personal space is and was exhibiting a particularly hostile behavior.

    this isn’t the first time either that I’ve had less than satisfactory service from the CDH staff who often leave their station while cadets are being served, act in an impolite manner and behave in a generally unpleasant manner.

    The CDH staff gets a big thumbs down from me so far.