The Week That Was & More…

Holocaust: The Process of Memory and Education / La mémoire de la Shoah et sa transmission

Photos and article by Capt Cynthia Kent and 25782 OCdt Brandon Friesen

Ambassador Karel De Beer, Dutch Chair of the Holocaust International Task Force, gave a presentation titled: Holocaust: the Process of Memory and Education to Cadets and Staff at RMCC in Currie Hall on Monday, October 31st. Ambassador De Beer was greeted at RMCC by Acting Commandant, Cdr Mike Mooz and Vice Principal, Dr. John Stewart. The Ambassador inspected the quarter guard and signed the official RMCC guest book prior to delivering his presentation. He spoke on the need of tragedies such as the Holocaust not only to be significant in the education of our modern world but also to be presented in a context relevant to our times.  Before answering a few final questions, the Ambassador went on to talk about how the HITF is working with world governments to bring about a proper understanding of the Holocaust.


Air Force Veterans Showcase Their Experiences

Photos and article by 25782 OCdt Brandon Friesen

For Military Training on Wednesday morning, the 3rd and 4th Year Air Force classes were treated to briefs from Air Force officers and NCMs who have served in various deployments around the world. Speaking were: Capt Wesselo, Capt Shook, Capt Lemay, Sgt Lucas, Mcpl May, and Major Brunet. They each gave an account of their experiences in places such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and Libya, as well as domestic operations and training. Many interesting photos and videos of the speaker’s various aircraft livened proceedings up even more.

While carrying a laid-back atmosphere traditional of the Air Force, the briefs were informative and well-received. The Sgt and Mcpl’s personal experiences were likely paid the most attention, as it is unusual for Cadets to hear the NCM perspective in great detail. The Cadets had plenty of questions for the speakers right up until the last few minutes before classes started, as is always the sign of a successful brief.



Photos by 25782 Brandon Friesen

Hat Trick at Kingston Branch Luncheon

Kingston Branch had another large turnout last Wednesday 2 November.

As has been regular routine for these monthly affairs, members of the Branch were given the opportunity to hear two IV Years, share their personal RMC experience who gave their reasons for selecting RMC as a university. Both gentlemen cadets, Joseph Parent and Colin McNaughton were impressive and entertaining with their short talks.

Perhaps, the highlight of the day was the birthday cake presentation to the Major, Danny McLeod. Danny officially celebrated #90 three days later on Saturday, 5 November.

The wrap-up for the day was Dr John Scott Cowan, Principal Emeritus of RMC, who spoke to the audience with his usual keen analysis and elegant style about the Conference of Defence Associations and its related Institute.

All who attended this luncheon appeared to have enjoyed themselves; it is a credit to the hard working Branch committee that these functions are something to look forward to every month. The next one is scheduled for Wednesday, 7 December. Ex cadets in the area are encouraged to join their Ex buds.



The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) held a presentation for the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) students regarding possible employment in the OPP. The presentation was scheduled for 10-1200, Friday, 4 Nov 2011.

As you will note as you read this, schedules mean little when students get involved. Constables Jackie LeSarge and John Hill were chosen to represent the OPP. The speakers were especially chosen for their Aboriginal backgrounds and involvement in Aboriginal communities throughout Ontario. The speakers’ presentation style allowed the ALOY Officer Cadets (OCdts) to fully engage with the Constable’s material.

The presentation started off with the presenter providing their background and then inquiring about the student’s background. As the orientation went on, the atmosphere began to lighten up. The speakers answered any question the OCdts asked. Constable John Hill covered a plethora of information including: rates of pay, joining requirements, benefits, dangers involved, the demand for more Aboriginal police and the lifestyle of an OPP officer.

Both Constables LeSarge and Hill were very open about their experience working as OPP Officers and gave a unique perspective on what their jobs entailed. The engaging style employed by the OPP Officers ensured a lively exchange of information and continued well past, by three hours, the scheduled time. The information provided left the ALOY students with a better understanding of the OPP, regardless if they choose to join the OPP or not.


OCdt Donlee Shingoose – ALOY 2011/12