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  • Fans Galore at the Carr Harris Cup

  • RMCC marksmanship team aims for excellence

  • Engineering team qualifies to go to the Canadian Engineering Competition

  • RMC wins History Hockey Series


Queen’s and RMC Face Off Again at the Carr Harris Cup

Article by: 26659 OCdt (III) Danielle Andela – 1 Squadron

This week Queens University and the Royal Military College of Canada faced off, as they do every year, on a battlefield of ice with nothing between them but body padding and one black puck.

 The entire cadet wing donned their scarlets and marched with pride down across the causeway and into the K-Rock Centre, which was to be the arena for this gruelling test of physical stamina, speed and aggression.


The RMC Paladins played with all their hearts among the loud cheering of the many cadets filling the stadium. Although alas, the game was finished with a 5-1 score for Queen’s University, RMC triumphed over Queens in the Subway promotional physical challenge during the intermission.


All in all the night was one where the officer cadets and staff of the Royal Military College of Canada came together to cheer on their hockey team and share in some sporting fun.

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More photos from the Carr-Harris game by: Denice Zoretich; Kyle Tilley & Erik GelaisHere


RMCC marksmanship team aims for excellence

The past 31st of January and 1st of February, RMC’s marksmanship team went to the range to practice pistol shooting skills for the first time. At 0715 the highly motivated group was already drawing weapons and getting ready to begin the day’s training. When the Cadets arrived at the range, however, they discovered that the weather was not on their side. The temperature, which was well under -20 degrees Celsius, made it difficult to shoot with ease. Despite adverse conditions, the cadets used Browning pistols to conduct various shooting drills with the objective of improving their skills. The team started with the basics by shooting at targets from a short distance and eventually moved up to more complicated drills such as firing on the move. Thanks to the mentoring of OCdt Buss (what’s his college number???), improvement was almost immediate and even those with less experience found themselves shooting considerably more accurately by the second day.

The training wing was also present. Warrant Officers Harper and Stewart were present to supervise and coach the team. The Director of Cadets, LCol Popov, also visited the range to motivate the shooters and explain how significant the creation of the team is for the college. Furthermore, LCol Popov was sure to highlight how being a proficient shooter is a necessary skill for members of the armed forces due to the dangerous nature of the job. After talking to the shooters, the Director of Cadets even took the time to fire a few rounds and show them how it’s done.

Despite being the youngest team in the College, the marksmanship team is already shaping up to be worthy of representing the College in competitions. The team will continue to train in order to hopefully attend the Canadian Forces Small Arms Concentration (CFSAC) and make the College well known and respected in the shooting world.

Article by: 26655 OCdt (III) Pedro Blair-Jimenez – CSSO 5 SQN


L’équipe de tir du CMRC vise l’excellence

Le 31 janvier et 1er février dernier, l’équipe de tir dur CMRC est allé au champs de tir pour pratiquer le tir au pistolet pour la première fois. À 7h15, le groupe, très motivé, était déjà à la voute pour sortir les armes et se préparer pour la journée de tir. Une fois arrivé au champs de tir, les membres de l’équipe se sont vites rendu comptes que la météo n’Étaient pas de leur coté. Avec un -28 bien senti, il fallait être bien habillé et tirer du browning 9mm n’était pas la chose la plus facile du monde. L’équipe a commencé avec des tirs de base pour se familiariser avec l’arme avant de passer à des choses un peu plus complexes telles que de tirer en mouvement. Grâce à l’expérience de Élof Buss, qui s’est occupé de donner les ordres sur le champs de tir, tous les tireurs se sont rapidement améliorés entre la première et la seconde journée.

Les supporteurs de l’équipe de tir de la training wing, adjudant Harper et adjudant Stewart, étaient présents pour superviser et mentorer l’équipe. De plus, l’équipe a eu la visite du directeur des élève-officiers, lieutenant-Colonel Popov. Ce dernier s’est adressé aux tireurs pour leur expliquer le rôle crucial qu’une équipe de tir joue dans une institution telle que le collège militaire, ainsi que l’importance de savoir bien tirer pour un officier professionnel. Après quoi, le leadership fonctionnant aussi par l’exemple, lieutenant colonel Popov est allé tirer quelques balles dans les cibles.

En dépit du fait que l’équipe de tir est la plus jeune au collège en ce moment, il n’en va pas moins que les tireurs sont prêt à participer à des compétitions et à représenter le collège. L’équipe continuera à s’entrainer pour être prêt lors de la Canadian Forces Small Arms Concentration (CFSAC) et faire valoir les valeurs du CMRC dans le monde de la compétition de tir.

Traduit par : 26762 NCdt III Jérémie Fraser – Escadron 9


RMCC sent two teams to the Ontario Engineering Competition this week-end: a senior team of 4 fourth years and a junior team of 4 second years. The event was held at Ryerson University, Toronto.

Both teams represented RMCC really well, and the junior team took second place out of 17 teams representing 15 Ontario universities (U of T and Waterloo had two teams each). Team members were Andrew Lumley (Aero), Jeremy Billard (Aero), Simon Ewing (Civil), and Luke Tamlin (Chem).

The senior team did not place, which is unfortunate, because their design was very cool. Team members were Brent Kershaw (Chem), Matthew Golding (Elec), Todd Bethune (Aero), and Daniel Albrecht (Comp).

By placing second, the junior team qualifies to go to the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC), to be held this year at Memorial in St. John’s, Newfoundland 5-8 March 2015 ( As the CEC website indicates, “The Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) is an annual competition involving more than 170 of the best and brightest engineering students from across Canada.”

The trip to Toronto was financed from funds administered by the RMC Foundation.

More details to follow next week.


RMC wins History Hockey Series

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