The Week That Was & More…

  • Cadets and Ex Cadets Gather to Honour the Past

  • Commandant & the college mom hosted a leadership and athletics reception

  • Deux é’lofs ont participé à la conférence sur le leadership de l’Académie Navale des États-Unis



Cadets and Ex Cadets Gather to Honour the Past

This past Monday, February 23rd, a small group of current cadets and ex-cadets gathered together to engage in open discussion regarding historic college changes and traditions.  The main focus for the evening was the Memorial Staircase and windows.

Wine and cheese were available.

The Memorial Staircase is located in the central tower of the Mackenzie Building, and was started by the 10th RMCC commandant, 151 LGen A.C. Macdonell, KCB, CMG, DSO in 1921. The photographs lining the stairway are those of Ex Cadets who were killed or died on active service.

The three stained glass windows between the first and second floor are memorials to three cadets who were accidentally drowned while serving at the college.

The three windows on the third floor were donated in 1981 by the Class of 1956 as a gift celebrating their 25th year from graduation and symbolize the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The meet was a huge success with key speakers in order of their presentations: 5300 Captain(N) Robert Thomas (ret), 3572 Major General Frank Norman (ret), 5611 Lieutenant Commander Gerald Stowe (ret),5533 Captain Glenn Allen (ret) and 19944 LCol Mark Popov, Director of Cadets.

Each speaker brought something very special to the occasion which all the cadets in attendance found interesting and enlightening. The end result being a much better understanding by the cadets of the significance of the memorial Staircase and windows.

This particular get-together was the first of it’s kind at RMCC and will hopefully continue to be a part of the annual traditions around the College. A huge thanks to the Kingston Branch of the RMC Club of Canada, the RMCC cadet mess and an anonymous donor for sponsorship in covering wine & cheese costs.

Special mention is in order to the organizers: IC 26659 OCdt (III) Danielle Andela – left, 2IC 26573 OCdt (III) Denice Zoretich – right, as well as assisting officers Captain Adam Bradley (10 Sqn Commander) and Captain Russell Ready (1 Squadron Commander).  Without their collective involvement the whole affair would not have happened.

Photos by 26267 Erik St-Gelais More photos from this eventHere


Deux é’lofs ont participé à la conférence sur le leadership de l’Académie Navale des États-Unis

Le 25 janvier dernier, Major Suurd Ralph, ainsi que deux Élof du département de psychologie, Matt Taylor et Charlotte Raymond, ont participé à la conférence sur le leadership de l’Académie Navale des États-Unis (USNA), qui se tient chaque année à Annapolis.

Les conférences ont débuté lundi matin avec une présentation de Patrick S. Finn, le vice-président senior de la compagnie Cisco. Le thème de la conférence étant « leading in an Interconnected World », nous avons pu en apprendre sur les impacts de la technologie sur notre manière de leader en tant que futur officier.

En soirée, nous avons aussi eu la chance d’entendre le Général Stanley A. McChrystal (ret.) parler devant l’Académie entière, ainsi que tous les invités de la conférence à propos des divers défis auxquels nous allons faire face. Ce fût très intéressant et enrichissant de se faire communique des expériences uniques comme ceux-ci.

Ce fût assurément une expérience unique qui nous a été offerte par le département de psychologie, mais aussi par la Fondation des Clubs du Collège militaire.

Il est toujours agréable de pouvoir interagir avec nos voisins du sud et surtout de gagner de l’expérience en écoutant des leaders incroyables nous transmettre leur savoir.

26329 NCdt Taylor & 26060 OCdt Raymond


Last week, on Tuesday 24 Feb, the commandant, BGen Al Meinzinger and the college mom (Joy) hosted a leadership and athletics reception at their residence. (Photo above is actually from 1944)

Graduating members from the RMCC varsity teams and competitive clubs as well as current and retired Ath Dept staff and coaches attended. All enjoyed the hospitality of the soon to be departing couple who with their two children are off to Ottawa shortly after graduation.

A group of Cadets recently returned from their Model NATO competition at Howard University in Washington D.C. Two members of the RMCC Model NATO team finished with Honourable Mentions for their performances in the Committee Sessions, with the team also being lauded for their organization and professionalism throughout the competition. (We are hoping to receive a more detailed write-up for a future Issue of e-Veritas.)

Both activities were funded by contributions administered by the RMC Foundation.