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PAG – A team of All-Stars!

 III Years Clean-up in Kingston

RRMC well represented at GG  Tattoo



Clocktower to Clocktower Ride


 Mackenzie Building Photo by 24453 Chris Ward (2009)

More photos by Chris Ward here & here


More than the parade square for cadets a week before Grad…

IV Year –  Commandant’s barbecue

Bruciepalooza Concert – MC & the Boss


GAP / PAG Wrap-up Year in Style

Giving Back to the City of Kingston

The Governor General & Commander-in-Chief’s Military Tattoo

2016 Clocktower to Clocktower Ride – A Tradition in the Making

Cadets & military wing staff  take a little time to smell the roses

 IV Year Bar B-Q hosted by Commandant

2016 Bruciepalooza Concert: Lives up to advanced billing

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par 27370 OCdt Annie Mercier

Le vendredi 29 avril dernier, le Groupe d’assistance aux pairs (GAP) a tenu sa célébration de fin d’année afin de remercier ses membres pour leurs efforts et leur bon travail tout au long de l’année.

Le GAP s’est rendu chez Improbable Escapes afin de tenter de s’échapper des pièces remplies d’énigmes en moins d’une heure. Malgré le fait que le taux de succès chez Improbable Escapes est moins de 30%, les membres du GAP ont travaillé ensemble et ont réussi à résoudre les énigmes et trouver les indices afin de s’échapper des deux pièces. Il s’agissait donc d’une bonne activité pour mettre en pratique la résolution de problèmes et le travail d’équipe. Les membre du GAP ont adoré l’activité et étaient fiers d’avoir relevé le défi.

Le GAP aimerait remercier Capt Le Coze ainsi que tous ses membres pour leur bon travail tout au long de l’année et pour toute l’aide que ceux-ci ont pu apporter au courant de l’année au CMRC.


by 27370 OCdt Annie Mercier

On Friday 29 April, the Peer Assistance Group (PAG) held its year-end celebration to thank its members for their efforts and hard work throughout the year.

PAG went to Improbable Escapes to try to escape from rooms full of puzzles in less than an hour. Although the success rate among Improbable Escapes is less than 30%, PAG members worked hard together and managed to solve the puzzles and find clues to escape from two rooms. It was a good activity to challenge their problem solving skills and teamwork. The member of PAG loved the activity and were proud to have met the challenge.

PAG would like to thank Capt Le Coze and all its members for their hard work throughout the year and for all the help they could provide during the year at RMCC.


Giving Back to the City of Kingston

By:27116  OCdt Ashley Shin

On April 30th, the third year class of 2017 performed seasonal tasks in parks throughout Kingston.

Under the guidance of city workers, OCdts helped prepare the parks for summer by picking up garbage, raking, and moving branches out to roadsides.

Kingstonians walking by with their families or walking their dogs showed curiosity to OCdts working in CADPAT. Some expressed their curiosity by asking questions about the class project and about life at RMC.

Throughout the day, cadets remained professional while interacting with Kingstonians and the city workers. As a result, the third year cadets provided well-deserved relief for the city’s busy employees and at the same time, improving RMC’s visibility and public image.

More photos of the 3rd Class Project 2016by Scott Howells – Here



The Governor General & Commander-in-Chief’s Military Tattoo

By: WJO and input from various sources

Wet weather failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the large crowd who attended the Governor General and Commander-in-Chief’s Military Tattoo – Saturday (May 14). The event took place outside of Rideau Hall on the grass.

RMCC was well represented with some of the elements from the upcoming Sunset Ceremony scheduled for this Thursday 19 May. (Quite the dress rehearsal!)

The band was invited to perform with Pipers, Drummers, and Highlander Dancers led by a very proud, Drum Major 27145 OCdt Jordan Nerona . “The Governor General’s Tattoo was a fantastic experience for the RMCC Pipes and Drum band. It was the first time that any of us had done such an important show on our own outside of the usual mass band with the Brass and Reed. I hope for next year, and for future RMCC Cadets, that we are invited to participate in the Governor General’s Tattoo again.”


ALOY did an impressive crow pleasing drum circle with a traditional dancer. The old 18 and naval gun crew were able to also complete their routine at a high level despite the weather.

26988 OCdt Ella Wanless had this to say about the RMCC involvement.

“The weather had no impact on the quality of performance by these groups and it was clear speaking with the Governor General and his staff after the performance that they were very impressed. If anything I would say that our ability to perform despite the weather displays the level of professionalism and how prepared RMCC was to perform!”

One of the highlights of the afternoon was a 21-gun royal salute in tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated her 90th birthday recently. Other portions of the original schedule had to be modified because of the rain.

All in all, an enjoyable afternoon of music, marching, pageantry and precision.

This tattoo was presented in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces and besides RMCC featured:

• The Governor General’s Horse Guards

• The Governor General’s Foot Guards and Band

• The Canadian Grenadier Guards

• The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces

Another perspective from 26894 – OCdt Shaun Noel:

On Saturday May 14th, officer cadets from the Royal Military College of Canada had the unique opportunity to perform for His Excellency, Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall for the Governor General’s Tattoo.

The Tattoo is a long-standing military tradition, and is more commonly known today as a collection of performances from all aspects of the military. Alongside the Governor General’s Foot Guard, Governor General’s Horse Guard and the Canadian Grenadier Guards, RMCC presented a number of exciting and crowd-pleasing performances, with the RMCC Pipes and Drums band, Highland Dancers, ALOY, Old Eighteen and Naval Gun Crew all drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.

RMCC officer cadets also played a key role in the Governor General’s Guard of Honour, as the Old 18 members made up a quarter of the guard, who were later inspected by His Excellency himself. RMCC also had the honour of supplying the flag party for the guard.

Despite the rain soaked occasion, these performances, which ranged from the moving and entertaining drum performance by ALOY to the performance of ‘Highland Cathedral’, a swelling, symphony like piece that the Pipes and Drums performed beautifully, the Tattoo had something for everyone, and each and every Officer Cadet that had a part in it can take pride in knowing that this institution was well represented by them, thanks to their tireless effort and determination.

Photos by: 26894 – OCdt Shaun Noel –  Here.


2016 Clocktower to Clocktower Ride – A Tradition in the Making

By 26685 OCdt (IV) Graham Mater (Click on photos for better viewing)

The cities of Kingston and Ottawa are inextricably linked. Both are situated along historic waterways and are connected by the famous Rideau Canal. Kingston housed Canada’s first Parliament, and although our MP’s now fulfill their duties in Ottawa, Kingston’s links with the origins or Canadian government have not been forgotten. For the members of the RMC Mulrusport Club, there was no better way to enjoy the link between these two beautiful cities than by bicycle. The first “Clocktower-to-Clocktower” ride in recent memory was completed in 2014 by members of the club. These fearless cyclists blazed the trail in what will hopefully become a lasting tradition. Last weekend, four keen, adventurous club members sought to follow in the footsteps of those trailblazers and complete the epic ride from the Mackenzie Building on the RMC grounds to the Peace Tower in our nation’s capital, a journey that would cover almost 200km over 8 hours.

The four were: 26864 OCdt (IV) Daniel Falco, who is the Multisport Club President; 26721 OCdt (IV) Ryan Kelusky; 26591 2Lt Rachel Anderson; and 26685 OCdt (IV) Graham Mater.

Daniel Falco, summed up the experience with one word: “Rewarding.” Three of the four who completed the ride are in the Class of 2016, and this was a fitting way to spend one of our last weekends at the College. “It was kind of like a culmination of our 4 years of hard training.” said OCdt Falco. Just like the RMC experience, the ride was long and gruelling, and at times we even found ourselves questioning our motives to embark on such an adventure. But we stuck together, shared the hardship.

The riders were blessed by good roads, prudent traffic, and a tailwind all the way to Ottawa. Upon our arrival in at the Peace Tower, it was a great feeling to stand with our bikes in front of Parliament, proudly sporting our RMC cycling jerseys. After a hot shower and a couple stretches to loosen up stiff limbs, we all went out for dinner in the Byward Market as a team and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city of Ottawa.

As I look back on my time at RMC, it’s these little trips and excursions, which have been made possible by the support of the RMC Foundation, that I will remember most. Opportunities to travel and represent the College with friends and peers whilst doing something you love make RMC a truly unique experience. I hope that members of our club will continue to seek these abounding opportunities while they can.


What better way to spend an afternoon than with slip n’ slide kickball?

26616 OCdt (IV) Savannah LeBlanc – 5 Squadron

On Friday 13th the cadet wing participated in a slip n’ slide kickball tournament organized by B Division HQ staff OCdt Gorman and OCdt LeBlanc with the aid of DCDLs OCdt Morgan, Tilley, and Jimenez.

The event consisted of two fields of kickball located on the inner field with each base consisting of a kiddie pool full of nice, cold water and sunlight soap along. To make the game even more fun, each of the running lanes were composed of slippery tarps.

Cadets and training wing staff were encouraged to take the afternoon to enjoy a fun day outside. The weather to start of the day was looking grim, but rain was more helpful than hurtful in this type of event; however, soaped up cadets seemed a little happier when the sky cleared in the afternoon as the city water was a little colder than they had hoped for.

All in all, the event went off without a hitch. Some re-pegging the tarps was necessary, but everyone worked together to keep the games going. Hopefully this afternoon can be carried on in future years as it was a great way to blow off some steam after a long week of grad and sunset practices. While the sport made you look like a fool most of the time – or all of the time, cadets all seemed to enjoy themselves.

A big thanks goes out to Sgt McNeil, 4 Squadron Sr NCO, who helped make this event possible by helping with accessing the fire hydrants and OCdt St Onge who came up with the idea in the first place. Also, for all those from the cadet wing that helped set up or tear down the event, your help was much appreciated!

(Click on photos for better viewing)

More Slip & Slide photos by Scott Howells – Here


IV Year Bar B-Q hosted by Commandant

From various sources

The year-end traditional Commandant’s barbecue for IV Years which was slated to be held on the grounds of the oldest residence on site of the college had to be moved indoors to the Senior Staff Mess because of very unsettling weather.

This special event took place over the noon hour, Sunday 15 May.-15.

Following are a few comments from cadets who attended:

“It was nice to sit down, have food and drinks with the Senior Staff, Training Wing members and some of the Academic Wing. Rather than being staff vs. students, we felt part of the officer corps for the first time. It was a nice way to start off our last week here at the college.”

Johnathan Page – Otter Sqn

“The Commandant’s barbecue gave us the opportunity to bid farewell to classmates, professors, and training wing staff in a casual setting. The weather would not cooperate forcing the event to move indoors, but did not take away from the smiles and overall great atmosphere that was present.

The event also served as a chance to recognize 2 Sqn who had won the obstacle course back in 2012 but had never received their awards.

At the end of the day everyone that came out seemed to have a great time whether it was because of the great food, great company, or the fact that in less than a week we will be marching off the parade square and into our new lives outside of the college.”

Kyle Tilley

“As a result of some inclement weather, the Commandant’s 4th Year Barbeque was hosted in the Senior Staff Mess. But the indoor venue made it no less enjoyable. Amidst all the chaos and excitement of packing, handing over bar positions, sorting out travel arrangements, and other sundry last minute preparations, the luncheon offered the 4th years a chance to relax and enjoy the company of our peers. And as the Commandant mentioned, for the 4th years in the room, this would likely be one of the last times that we would stand in the SSM as a guest. After all, once we become officers on Friday, the SSM will be our mess. Oh, how time flies…”

Graham Mater

“This Sunday, May 15th members of the Class of 2016 were treated to a Greek style BBQ experience in the Senior Staff Mess courtesy of the Commandant of RMCC, Brigadier General Sean Friday. With many members of the training with present including Chief Petty Officer First Class Kieth Davidson and Lieutenant (Navy) Lee Chiarizia, this was a fantastic chance for the 4th years to kick back and relax during their last weekend as Officer Cadets. A special thank you goes to the Mess Staff for preparing and serving such an excellent dinner!”

Danielle Andela

More photos from the Barbeque by Scott Howells – Here


2016 Bruciepalooza Concert: Miss Emily Fennel ives up to advanced billing


Under mainly cloudy skies and cool temperatures a modest sized crowd, on Sunday afternoon, 15 May of all places, gathered on the RMCC parade square, to listen to some great musical talent – in a concert called Bruciepalooza.  

Bruciepalooza is basically a festival of College musicians; the first rendition was in 2014. Much like two years ago, the 2016 version showcased a number of groups featuring RMC cadets /students, post grads, Ex Cadets, staff & former staff, and some local Kingston and area impressive talent.

Bruciepalooza echoes the name of a famous music festival that moves to various locations around the world, Lollapalooza

A little more background on the name.

We contacted the Concert Coordinator, Irwin H. Streight. “The esteemed Dr Steve Lukits takes the credit for conceiving the Bruciepalooza title, a much more fitting name than my initial clunky hybrid Milcollapalooza. We were discussing a possible name for the culminating event for Gord Sinclair (of The Tragically Hip) when he was RMC’s 2014 Artist-in-Residence.” Irwin also reminded us of the weather that 2014 Sunday afternoon.  “Gord’s Bruciepalooza was staged on a dampish day, 4 May 2014. Bruciepalooza 2016 was the initiative of CCWO Davidson.”

In all, there were ten groups of various sizes performing. The music varied too; it comprised a good balance of – rock; heavy metal; pop and beatboxing; jazz and R&B. Some obviously had more experience than others. However, the lack of experience was more than made up with spirited enthusiasm.

In short, a little bit of everything – except for my personal favourite country & western; but that was ok because these outstanding stage performances more than made up for it.

By our count the following acts performed:

  1. Jambeque
  2. Adison Bliek
  3. Revmatic
  4. Terry Foote
  5. R&B
  6. Judy Duguay and Rick Melanson (as Judy and Me)
  7. Tighten Up
  8. Joshua Prutchick and Jamie Doucette
  9. Miss Emily Fennel

Sorry, if we missed anyone.

The final act was led by Miss Emily Fennel who came with a great reputation and lived up to all the hype.

To pull off an event of this magnitude takes a lot of people.

The Master of Ceremony, the ‘jack of all trades’ soon to be retired College Chief Warrant Officer, Keith Davidson was his usual magnificent self in keeping the acts moving in a timely fashion and engaging the crowd in a lighthearted way.

RMC’s Bandmaster, WO Aldwin Albino further enhanced his reputation as a high-end musical entertainer who so very easily connects with the audience.

Undoubtedly, besides the performers there were many ‘behind the scenes’ folks who played significant roles in making Bruciepalooza 2016 – a formidable day for music indeed.

The weather was definitely c-o-o-l all afternoon but the rain held off until near the very end. We had the impression every one left the Concert with the feeling that they thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Well done to the performers, behind the scenes workers and the organizers.


Photos by – Melanie Hughes – More Here

More photos on Flickr soon…