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Time for Classes To Think Reunions For The Fall: RR52-RMC54 – Quick Off The Mark

Time to be thinking about Reunions

                                              RMC – 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen of RR52-RMC54,

The 2017 Homecoming Weekend at Royal Roads will mark a significant milestone for those of us who began cadet life at the Canadian Services College, Royal Roads. It will be the 65th anniversary of our graduation from Royal Roads in 1952. This could well be the last opportunity for our class, including those who started at RMC, to assemble and celebrate together.

The Victoria contingent therefore proposes a class reunion which would be light on formal events but which would emphasize class social gatherings in an informal setting.

Thu 7 Sep             Class Meet & Greet and dinner at a Victoria restaurant.

Fri 8 Sep               Day Sail on one of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships or free time.

RRU President’s Reception in the Castle.

Sat 9 Sep             Free time or tour the RRU campus, lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Dinner Dance on the RR Quarterdeck.

Sun 10 Sep           Paverstone Ceremony at the Mast.

Ceremonial “Circle” from Castle with Sooke Pipes & Drums.

Farewell sherry in the Castle.

Jacket and tie would be appropriate for the President’s Reception and the Dinner Dance. Casual clothes for all others events. Formal dress not needed.

All suggestions would be welcome and the schedule of events is only tentative, based on previous years. The Day Sail depends on the availability of a ship.

The object of this announcement is to solicit expressions of interest without any commitment. We just want to see if we might have sufficient numbers to warrant arranging class functions for our group.

It goes without saying that ALL members of the combined class are welcome and encouraged to celebrate a beautiful Vancouver Island fall weekend!

Please email me indicating your level of interest and offering any suggestions you might have.

3334 Dave Wightman


[email protected]