Time to pay back asserts trio of ’82 rugby players

Feature photo: Trio of rugby players from Class of 1982 (L-R) 13766 Konrad Mech; 13663 Nick Mumford; and 13760 Mark Mansfield

Class of ’82 Rep Rugby Throw-down Challenge

Article by: Konrad Mech

Konrad Mech

It has been 35 years since we left our hallowed Alma Maters (being both RRMC and RMC), and this has led me to reflect on what made our cadet experience truly great. One of the activities I truly reveled in was my time with Rep Rugby at RR and RMC. Therefore, in recognition of our upcoming significant reunion weekend, I make the following challenge to my Rep Rugby Brethren:

  • in that playing Rep Rugby allowed us to deke countless Wing parade practices and parades;
  • and that the toil of Friday afternoon practices allowed our thirsting bodies to consume greater volumes of rehydrating barley beverages than our non-rugby classmates, with negligible deleterious effects to our physical being;
  • and further, that post-game social time with our foes resulted in much hilarity and amusement, including erudite poetry recitals on the topics of lion hunts and arcane dating rituals;
  • in addition, that participation in said sport enabled many of us, who otherwise would be found wanting, to obtain badges indicating advanced degrees of physical prowess known as “Crossed Clubs”;
  • PLUS, as a blessed number of us, due to the machinations of 13779 William “Stone Hands” Pigden, enjoyed the munificent benefaction of the RMC Club of Canada Foundation, being sponsored not once, nay nay, but TWICE to tour Jolly Olde Englande, engaging in ritual combat over possession of that swine-skinned orb on verdant soil and snow, followed by cultural initiation to arcane pub rituals;

in other words, the gentlemanly pursuit of the Margin of Excellence:


Based on the foregoing recital of benefits received by we fortunate but worthy few, it is only RIGHT and PROPER for us to pay it forward. I also wish to point out our special circumstances as a Class. We graduated at the mid-point of The First 32 female cadets’ college experience. Then, females formed only 5% of the cadet population. Now, they are a major force in the college body. In order to balance the scales, I hereby call on my Brethren to take up this unique challenge – to financially support RMC Women’s Rugby and their Margin of Excellence. Let’s do this in one of two ways:

  1. Sponsor a Table at the RMC Legacy Dinner, or
  2. Produce a financial instrument (cash, cheque, credit card or bearer bond) in like amount, directed to the support of RMC Womens’ Rugby.

13663 Nick Mumford (Texas), 13760 Mark Mansfield (California) and I have already booked our flights and our tables. Join us! Please contact Jennifer Jordan and let her know you want in. We will see you there!


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  • J.D. Smith, 8074

    August 6, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Good Show Konrad ! A well written commentary and good luck with the project. Best regards,
    Smitty, 8074, TDV

  • Reid McBride

    August 10, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Konrad, you still have a way with the written word! You make is sound so classy and gentleman-like, when the reality was cold showers or hoses on the side of a cow pasture in Cowichan or having what felt like the spiked logging boots of the loggers of Port Alberni rolling you out of a ruck! Having Paul Skuriat on our side won many a boat race. Best of luck with the fundraising.

  • Konrad Mech

    August 13, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, Smitty. And Reid, long time no hear! Yes, the reality was quite different but as they say time makes the worst of events seem fun. It was great preparation for the shenanigans at Combat Arms School.
    TDV, Konrad.