“Time to properly honour our ‘fightingest’ ship, HMCS Haida”


4720 Jeffrey White – RMC Class of ’60 says… “Time to properly honour our ‘fightingest’ ship, HMCS Haida”

Friends, we need to act now to honour a Canadian military icon of excellence before we miss our chance.

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Haida is the last remaining Tribal Class Destroyer in the world and is known as the ‘fightingest ship in the Royal Canadian Navy’.

She was given that title because of her outstanding record of service that spanned from her commissioning in 1943, through the Second World War, the Korean War and the Cold War, to her transition to a museum ship in 1963. Haida sank more enemy tonnage than any other Canadian warship throughout our entire naval history.

Due to her legacy of distinguished service, Haida has also been called the ‘Vimy Ridge’ or ‘Billy Bishop’ of the Royal Canadian Navy. The comparisons support the notion that Canada’s military punches above its weight on land, in air, and also, at sea.

With the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in 2017, we have a historic opportunity to give proper recognition to a Canadian icon, an educational monument for future generations and a symbol of national achievement.

Go to petitions.parl.gc.ca before February 22nd, 2017 and add your signature to petition E-560 to honour the incredible accomplishments of HMCS Haida. This is a simple and symbolic way that you, and those you share this petition with, can make Canada150 even better.

4720 Jeffrey White – RMC Class of ‘60

The petition is e-560
Petition to the Government of Canada