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  • John Kim, 23179

    July 14, 2014 at 10:46 am

    I am a proud recipient of this award from the Class of 2005 and it is humbling to learn of the origin of this trophy 9 years after the fact. Such a story of this incredible and spirited Gentleman Cadet reminds me of a former football player by the name of Rudy of Notre Dame University. Indeed a Hollywood movie was based on this man’s life journey entitled “Rudy” that I would guess most people would have viewed and enjoyed.

    The story of Tommy pre-dates Rudy and is a uniquely Canadian story that I believe should be propagated especially to the Cadet Wing at RMCC. I recommend that this trophy, along with similar trophies of equal prestige and historical significance, be prominently and individually displayed as to showcase the trophy, along with the article written by Pope to accompany that trophy with an annotated list of all it’s recipients since the induction of the trophy; akin to a museum type display. Where the trophy sits currently inside the gymnasium, it is next to impossible to know the significance of the award or to view it’s recipients.