Top Guns Endorse 2016 Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign

Commandants, Foundation President Endorse

2016 Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign

As Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada I fully support the new 2016 Truth Duty Valour Campaign launched by the RMC Foundation.

As the needs and requirements of the Canadian Forces change and evolve to meet a changing world, so must the educational and training programs offered at the Colleges, including the Opportunities to Enhance Excellence funded through the RMC Foundation.

Last year RMCC introduced a new leadership model in the officer cadet training program focused on and dedicated to the “pursuit of excellence”, a program that will provide greater balance between the four components, while enhancing the leadership opportunities provided to the officer cadets.  As we move forward into the future, we will continue to refine our program and introduce new elements that will support our principal aim of enabling the unique excellence potential of every one of our officer cadets.

Activities supported by the Foundation are an important part of the overall program.  To maintain flexibility to adjust to the evolving needs of the College, the Foundation needs flexibility in its funding sources; and this flexibility can be strongly enabled through the application of funding to the new TDV Campaign.

Opportunities to Enhance Excellence, as envisioned by the College leadership and funded through the RMC Foundation, are very important to the success of our excellence goals.  I encourage all members of the alumni, and all those who support our mission to develop officers to serve with distinction in the Canadian Armed Forces, to support this campaign.

16855 Brigadier-General Sean Friday, Commandant Royal Military College of Canada


You may have seen a notice in E-Veritas last week announcing the TDV Fundraising Campaign to support the Colleges.

As one of Canada’s Royal Military Colleges, RMC Saint-Jean is a relatively new and growing institution; one that is breaking new ground in junior officer development in response to the needs of the today’s Canadian Armed Forces.  In partnership with the RMC Foundation we are addressing these changing needs with new, innovative programming that Enhances Excellence; activities such as the Paris/London cultural visit, the Washington 10 mile race, Robbie Burns and our Cultural Heritage Week are a few examples.

Over the past 5 ½ years the donors and the RMC Foundation have provided RMC Saint-Jean in excess of $400 thousand dollars in support of activities.  But if the RMC Foundation is to keep pace with the College it must have flexible funding sources.  Donations to the TDV Campaign give the Foundation the greatest flexibility to Enhance Excellence amongst the cadets and that is what this campaign is all about.

I wholeheartedly support the TDV Campaign and encourage you to visit the RMC Foundation website to find out more.  Look for further information coming out soon on this worthwhile initiative to raise funds in support of RMC Saint-Jean.

18562 Colonel Simon Bernard, Commandant du Collège militaire royal Saint-Jean


Last week the RMC Foundation announced that it was launching a new fundraising campaign in support of our Royal Military Colleges.

Why is this support needed?  Some feel it is because the federal government has reduced its support to the Colleges and so the alumni is now being asked to pitch in to replace funding lost due to budget tightening.  Not so!

Whether it be the opportunity to intern with the Canada’s delegation to NATO in Brussels, exchanges to U.S. and French military academies, climbing and hiking trips planned, organized and executed by officer cadets to India, Nepal, Guatemala, Kenya and Chile or the ever-popular and valuable European Battlefield Tour, the kinds of activities being supported through donations to the Foundation could not have been anticipated when we attended at the College, and were certainly never intended to be funded by the government.

These Opportunities are being funded by the alumni and others who understand the merits of an RMC education, who understand just how much they benefitted from their time at the Colleges and now wish to give back, to help those who follow in their footsteps to become not just the best, but the best they can possibly be.

Our Royal Military Colleges have changed – they have grown and evolved to meet the challenges that graduating junior officers will face when they arrive at their first postings.  These graduates, the men and women they will lead, the Canadian Forces and Canada as a whole can only benefit if these exciting, talented young men and women are provided with the best possible education and training while they are Officer Cadets, before they arrive and face these challenges.

In partnership with the Colleges, that is the mission of the RMC Foundation.  But we can only achieve this goal with your support – and most critically, by being able to direct your support when and where it is needed most.  And that is why your donations to the TDV Fund are so important – without them many of the Opportunities that are benefitting so many of today’s officer cadets would not be possible.

Please support the Truth Duty Valour Campaign today.  I encourage you to visit our website at and consider making a donation in support of the Colleges and Cadets today.

11386 Tony MacDougall, President RMC Foundation