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Celebrating 100 editions of e-Veritas

Just over three years ago, the first issue of e-Veritas was published under its current format. This is its 100th edition and the 12th this year. The success of e-Veritas is due to many factors: our readers, who support us with tremendous feedback; the Club’s Executive Director, S 150 Peter Dawe, who has given valuable guidance while allowing us to get on with the job; the Club’s Executive who have provided the resources for e-Veritas and have been understanding when e-Veritas has dealt with contentious issues.

We have many others to thank! In the early days: 23241 OCdt Craig Scott (RMC ’05); 23227 OCdt Tyler Peitzsche (RMC ’06); 24225 OCdt Josh Fudge (RMC ’08) all of whom displayed tremendous patience while holding our hand through various “in-house” technical steps along the way. Later, 23439 OCdt Kayne Carr (RMC ’07) was our “right arm” for the best part of 15 months. 24587 OCdt Ian Boughton (RMC ’10) pitched in for a month or so which got us through some tough times. Currently, 24637 OCdt Kevin Kunz (RMC ’10) is our “go to guy” Officer Cadet.

On the professional side of things, 5070 Bob Cross (CMR RMC ’61) managed the layout and most of the technical side of things for the first two years with help from his staffer, Michelle Wright. Both provided a high level of service above and beyond the call of duty.

Two RMC staff have been extremely helpful. Captain Paule Poulin, Public Affairs Officer, supplies us with timely press releases on a regular basis and on several occasions has penned high quality human interest articles. 8057 Ross McKenzie (RMC ’70) from the RMC Museum has kept us pretty well on the straight and narrow when dealing with historical RMC facts.

Three stalwarts from Panet House: Mary Darlington; Kathleen Bachelder and Kimberly St Louis provided year long support which is very much appreciated. For the first two years, Nathalie Jean was our main helper in Panet House and suffered through many of the growing pains but ensured we stayed on the proper course.

The one person who deserves a great deal of recognition and special praise is our outstanding researcher, E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC ’03). For the past 80 editions or so, Victoria has bombarded us with suggested articles; trivia ideas; and suggested themes. Our “Victoria File” still has something like 200+ e-mails in it. The quality of e-Veritas content would not have been possible without her tremendous contributions.

Mainly, we want to acknowledge the support of our faithful readers. Many of whom are currently involved with operational commitments in different parts of the world – mostly in hostile environments. Their commitment is a reminder to us that RMC is a pretty special place in producing future leaders.

Our little Mom & Pop operation may not be as slick as a number of other e-newsletters we do strive to keep as many of the RMC family connected as possible.

In closing, we ask that you keep those serving abroad, on the sea, and in the air, in your thoughts as you enjoy reading e-Veritas.

Bill & Rolande Oliver

Please continue for a snapshot of the 100 past Issues….

2005 (Issues 1- 32)

sharondonnelly.jpgSharon Donnelly: The marks of a warrior, the will of a champion

Slate & O’Keefe 2004 success

West Point Weekend – Just around the corner
There’s No Place Like Home Sweet Home


Mr. Red & White in Atlantic Canada!

frontfrigate.jpgWhat happened to the Spanish Bell?

RMC Cadets Impressive at Ontario Engineering Competition

Were you part of this Skylark?

14 Year Drought Over

Dry Turkeys or Spicy Cadets? Advocating International Exposure

Two RMC Ex-cadets connect in Palestine

yankees-logo.jpgRMC Colour Party at “Bronx Bombers” game

Varsity Rugby Back! Varsity Shooting Team Out!

RMC Redmen “Old Boys” Win Queen’s Engineering Hockey Tournament

First Time Sandhurst Win by RMC

Ex Cadets big part of the 2005 Snowbird teams

Calgary Rolls Out the Red Carpet

noonansml.jpgFormer Redmen Takes On the New Role of Commander of Canada’s JTF Afghanistan

What Ever Happened To: Wes Byrell, Royal Roads, 1974 to 1982

They Arrived 25 Years Ago

He Enjoyed the Obstacle Race So Much He Wrote an Article About His Experience

Victory in Europe a Bittersweet Day for Canadian Veterans

Mon Oncle André

gordhawkins.jpgDeaths: 5263 HAWKINS, R. Gordon

Honourary Member, Class of ’68 – CPO R.G. Pitt

6604 Dr. James Carruthers, Class of ’65 – A Legacy of Giving

From RMC, to a golfing paradise

Looking Back, at Joe & His Pals

From Keeper of the Gorilla Mascot to Navy Athlete of the Year!

rrmc-castle.jpgSkylarks – The Legend of Bart and Rat

RMC Says Good-Bye to One of Its Own

2006 (Issues 33 – 60)

Refitting the West Point Exchange

RMC Cadets On Exchange

Donating your RRSP to the RMC Foundation

rmchockey.jpgTwo huge RMC hockey fans will miss West Point Classic! Who are they?

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race & RMC Cadets

We salute, Sheila McLeod!

Looking Back at his RMC Days

We get e-mails . . .

Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup

tremblay-j-cropped.jpgWhatever Happened to Jacques Tremblay?

RMC IV Year Engineers Do It Again

Two Engineering Ex Cadets (1970 &’78) Honoured by N.S. Lt. Governor

Activité théâtrale et visite du CMR

Honouring the Dead Without Hypocrisy


last-cadets-with-5s.jpgThe #5 Order of Dress – “Retired”

Remembering: 22458 Nichola Goddard

RMC boss tried to fight order to deny honour for retired U.S. general

Varsity Athletes Earn Honours



rookssml.jpgReunion Weekend Memories

Ex Cadets . . . What Are They Writing Now?

Home Sweet Home – The Socialization Problem

RMC Fencers Win Again!

6349 Alain Pellerin (CMR/RMC ’65) Visits Afghanistan

Calgary Visit – Legacy Dinner

West Point/RMC Hockey Classic – iced

2007 (Issues 61 – 88)

hockey-stick-puck.jpgKeep RMC tradition alive

Danny McLeod – War vet, hockey guru, salesman calls it a career

Just a little bit of ….RMC / West Point Hockey History

RMC impressive at ’07 Engineering Competition

Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award Public Lecture


molson-hartland.jpg1800 The Honourable Hartland de M. Molson OC, OBE, OQ (RMC ‘24)
Deceased (1907 – 2002)

Grozelle case stays open; Police chief vows to follow any leads

Seven Ex Cadets and Graduate Student…at Rideau Hall

Men’s Hockey Coach Named

Reopening of CMR….

dawe-cp-181755.jpg22596 Matt Dawe (RMC ’04) 1980-2007

Well-wishers line route to pay respects

HMCS Toronto Preserving International Stability…

RMC principal to retire in July; Cowan praised as ‘renaissance man’

RMC & The Rhodes Scholarship

Commandant pumps up cadets for the home stretch!

robin.jpgRhodes Scholar – Rugby & Elizabeth Taylor

What’s the Dress Tomorrow: a New Uniform for RMC

Varsity running making a comeback

West Point Weekend 2008 – Another View

Dynasty in the making!

2008 Cadets & Copper Sunday

lawson_t.jpgRed Carpet Moves

Most Cadets In The Dark About Rhodes Scholarship

The Human Touch – Kiss n’ Tell

For complete review of all 100 editions