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Many e-Veritas readers will be interested in knowing that there is a new TV series called “Jetstream” – on the Discovery Channel that will follow seven pilots from 410 Squadron as they go through training to be CF-18 pilots.

“Jetstream” chronicles the lives of an elite group of eight young pilots as they learn to fly one of the worlds most advanced supersonic tactical fighter jets: the $35 – million dollar F-18 Hornet.

Seven of the eight are Ex cadets:

21810 Capt. Michael MR Lewis (RMC ‘00)
21955 Capt. Riel K Erickson (RMC ‘01);
22537 Capt. Yannick Jobin (RMC ‘03);
22542 Capt. Tristan Mckee (RMC ‘03);
22715 Captain Timothy B Coffin (RMC ‘03);
22821 Lt. Dave McLeod (RMC ‘04);
22848 Capt Shamus T Allen (RMC ‘04)


The first edition ran 8 Jan. In all there are eight episodes. Check listings for the exact time in your area.

One Comment

  • Don Chipman

    January 8, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    The Discovery Channel called the airplane an F-18, possibly for a US audience. In fact, this particular airplane is a CF-18 – the Canadian variant of the F-18.