Top memory for IV Year: Nijmegen march in the Netherlands

Joshua Commodore

It’s hard to believe that my favourite memory from my four-year adventure at RMC is marching over 160km in four days even though I drive the 1km to the gym every morning. I was lucky enough in the summer going into 3rd year to be named a member of the RMC team attending the 99th annual Nijmegen march in the Netherlands. It’s a unique experience to train with the same group of people day in and day out all summer.

As a team, you grow a special love for certain songs and an even more special hatred towards particular roads (Middle Rd., you’re terrible).

These now officers are individuals I share a special bond with and will never forget the laughs we had, the stories we shared, and the extremely long periods of silence we forced each other into. Nijmegen and the entire trip to Europe with these friends was a significant period for myself, and I wouldn’t want to experience it with anyone else. From living off cucumbers in the Nijmegen countryside, trading with the Swedes, to converting a bicycle into a wheelchair, Nijmegen with my best friends was one for the books.

Rest easy, HK.

26940 OCdt IV  Joshua Commodore