Training for the “M”

We’ve come a long way, baby!

By: 26246 OCdt (III) Taylor Sannes

The new Small Arms Trainer (SAT) situated in the bottom of Yeo Hall has allowed the cadets of RMCC to practice their range procedures and improve upon the basic principles of marksmanship.

Cadets from all three elements of the CAF are granted the opportunity to use the SAT through a designated squadron Range Safety Officer  and Assistant RSO. Two cadets from each squadron are trained in the use of the SAT and run squadron level usages of the trainer. These training sessions are performed as a morning activity at the College.

Another excellent use of the SAT is the ability to earn the Crossed Rifles Badge for both the No. 4’s and Scarlets after successful completion of the Personal Weapon 2nd level  marksmanship test. The PW2 requires cadets to fire five accurate groupings in the prone, sitting, and standing positions.

The SAT allows cadets to retain their acquired marksmanship skills earned on their various phases of training throughout the summers between academic years at RMCC. It also allows the RSO to gain confidence in running ranges and provides the ARSO with an example of how an RSO conducts a range.

Overall the SAT is an excellent tool at the disposal of the cadets of RMCC as it furthers their training in the most basic and vital skill: shooting.

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The “Franco Foire” is an Exposition for local people to learn about french family services and activities in the Kingston area. It took place this past Saturday, 19th of October at Marie-Rivier High School – a local French speaking HS in Kingston.

The Royal Military College of Canada was very well represented; the college had a booth set up to spread awareness about RMCC and the many opportunities for franco students to study on the peninsula.

Representing RMCC at this high profile event were two highly motivated second year officer cadets: 26573 Denice Zoretich and 26668 Rory MacDonald.