Training for the “M”

Experience Was Great!

NCdt Matthew Noonan 26497 (III)

During this past semester I had the excellent opportunity to volunteer for the cadet wing as the internal information officer.

At first I was a little dubious about the responsibilities that I had taken on. However, as time passed my role became clear to me and now as I move on to another position within my squadron I am grateful for having had the opportunity to portray the college as it is now to those who went here many years ago.

The average cadet at RMC focuses on the trials in front of them, never realizing what an impact these four years will have in the future.

Discovering what eVeritas means those cadets who have graduated changed that for me. I take great pleasure in knowing that I had a hand in linking the current RMC to its past self and showing the older generations of cadets that the “M” is still in the college.

While I know that short article may mean very little to us as cadets right now, in the future I am sure that it will give us the ability to stay in touch with our younger selves and to remember the time when the biggest worry was simply going to school.

I wish all the readers of eVeritas a farewell, particularly Mr. Oliver who was such a pleasure to work with, and I hope that the next cadet to fill my position enjoys it is as much as I have.