Transition process from CMR Saint Jean to RMC Kingston

RMC visit by CMR Saint-Jean leadership


Michel Maisonneuve

Over the past nine years or so, 10966 Michel Maisonneuve, Academic Director of Royal Military College Saint- Jean has visited RMC annually, around this time of the year.  With him is a team of CMR Saint-Jean staff, covering all four pillars. They meet-up with former CMR Saint-Jean cadets who started Second Year at Kingston during the previous September.

The aim is to see how their transition went and to follow up on a survey that these same cadets filled out shortly after they arrived in Kingston which was sent back to Saint-Jean to be analyzed.

In short, the mission is to find out what went well, what didn’t, and how can the process be improved for the following year with another new intake.

This year the meeting place was held in Currie Hall last Monday between 1630 -1800 hrs.

Along with Michel and his team were key members from the RMC upper echelon: Dr. Phil Bates, Vice Principal Academics; Robert Paquet, Director, Language Centre; and the Deputy Director of Cadets, LCol Craig Moore.

Prior to the start of the formal proceedings both the Commandant, BGen Bouchard and the Principal, Dr Kowal dropped by and exchanged pleasantries with the visitors but did not stay for the formal presentation.

The personable and highly popular Academic Director has a nice way of getting all the pertinent information from the cadets – warts and all. His ‘A’ team staff members were well prepared and contributed a great deal to the brief.

Phil Bates was the main point man for the hosts and bridged the Q&A portion very smoothly.

During the 90-minute session, all the bases were covered. Cadets were encouraged to speak their piece – which they did.

The next step in the process happened a few days later when a contingent of staff and cadets visited CMR.

A short write-up from that visit is thoroughly covered by OCdt Eliza Bruce.

CMR Academic Tour 2018

Article by: 27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce

Eliza Bruce

This past week, a contingent of RMC  fourth years and faculty members representing each department and program offered by RMC travelled to the sister college CMR St. Jean to present the respective academic possibilities for study at RMC to the first years-going-on second years who may now choose to attend either college for the remainder of their ROTP contract (International Studies being the first full program offered starting next fall).

The day consisted of briefings offered by both the students themselves, who were all honours students in their fields of study, and presented their experiences at RMC in their work and also outlined as an example their thesis projects.

Afterwards, bilingual presentations were made by the department heads as to the more general information regarding their programs and course offerings, and various streams that could be taken.

For those of us on the trip, about half had attended CMR previously and the rest of us were enjoying our first or second exposure to the CMR environment, appreciating the smooth functionality and beauty of the campus as well the hospitable nature of our younger counterparts among the student body, who were eager to learn about their options for a future at RMC and had many questions about our years of study and lives at the college.

Although compiling our thesis work in a presentable mode was a challenge, it more than paid off as everyone professionally put forth with enthusiasm and pride the efforts that had gone into their research as well as past course experiences.

Speaking on the part of the Arts students in our presentation room, it was a singular opportunity to learn about what our fellow students in different programs are studying, which ranged from a psychology study about the relationship between sleep and caffeine, to a political science thesis involving public attitudes towards the military in times of domestic crises in Canada, to how brand loyalty is affecting the multi-billion dollar make-up industry, to a detailed study into French literature and structure, and several more across the arts departments that were brilliantly displayed and fascinating to the extreme.

We all came away from the trip with a greater appreciation for the very different sorts of critical skills and perspectives required pursuing such varied studies, and a better understanding of how such a kaleidoscope of ability will factor into the military breadth of knowledge and competency after graduation.

And, of course, after two days in Quebec, full BBB profile or not, one is reminded of the importance of maintaining their oral capacity in the French language!

Final word from the editor: Although this process is not perfect (what is?) it is very thorough and organized very professionally. The cadets due to arrive in Kingston, from RMC Saint-Jean come this September should not expect any surprises.

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