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Who Is He?

• He entered RRMC and graduated from RMC;
• Six weeks following graduation, he was in was in Korea serving as an Infantry Platoon Commander with 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry;
• He continued service with the 3rd Battalion of the Regiment and was awarded the
• Military Cross for gallantry and leadership, leaving the theatre in July 1953 just before the Ceasefire;
• Following a year of study at McMaster University, he was assigned in May 1954 to 1st Battalion The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, stationed in Calgary, AB.;

• He served in many capacities with both Battalions of the Queen’s Own,
eventually commanding the 1st Battalion at Work Point Barracks in
Victoria, BC in 1967 – 69;
• He instructed at the US Army Command and General Staff College,
• Fort Leavenworth, Kansas;
• He assumed command of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton, AB in 1971;
• He retired from the CF in 1978 – 30 years ago, as a Major General;
• Many honours and awards have come his way for which he is very grateful
including a Doctor of Military Science Degree by RMC.

Do you know who he is?
a. 2908 Alan Pickering;
b. 2951 Ramsey Withers;
c. 2897 Herb Pitts; or
d. 2981 Andrew Moffat

c. 2897 Herb Pitts;


One Comment

  • Ron Capern

    February 28, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Bill: Having known Herb Pitts, and his background, my guess was Herb. Pleased to see that I had guessed correctly, when I called up the rest of the article. Herb is a fine man and a real gentleman – not that all the others aren’t also fine men and real gentlmen, but I know them less well than I know Herb. I remember Al Pickering from my days (long ago) in the Frigate, and have associated with Ramsey Withers in DANN and DANNPAC before they were dissolved. Andrew Moffat (former student at my old high school in St. Thomas, and current author), has corresponded with me over the years since he became a member of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club. Yours aye, Ron