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Who am I?

I joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Regiment on graduation from Royal Military College in 1935.

On the outbreak of war in 1939, I was serving on attachment to the British Army.

I rejoined the Regiment in 1940 as a Major and was appointed Second- in-Command in 1941.

I led the Battalion in the invasion of Italy and in all operations up to the end of the Battle of Liri Valley in June, 1944.

On leaving the Regiment I was promoted to Colonel and was given command of the Regiment at Camp MacDonald.

In September, 1947, I proceeded to Staff College and thereafter received a Senior Staff appointment.

On the outbreak of the Korean War I took command of the Canadian Military Mission to the Far East.

In 1952, I was appointed Commandant of the Services College at Royal Roads.

In 1955, I became Director General of Military Training.

I was then appointed Commander, 1 Canadian Infantry Brigade Group in Germany. Promoted to Major-General in 1962, I was appointed
Commandant, National Defence College in Kingston, Ontario in 1966 until my retirement.

I was appointed Colonel of the Regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry on 13 September, 1959.

I retired from the Canadian Forces in September, 1966 and relinquished the appointment of Colonel of the Regiment on 21 April

I resided in Victoria until my death in 1999.

a) Major-General RFL Keller, CBE (RMC 1920)
b) 2253 Major-General Cameron (Cammie) Bethel Ware, DSO, CD


b) 2253 Major-General Cameron (Cammie) Bethel Ware, DSO, CD (RMC 1935)

Major-General RFL Keller, CBE (RMC 1920) joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry regiment in 1920 after graduation from Royal Military College. On the outbreak of War in 1939 he was a major serving on the General staff. After his period of command of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry regiment, he was given command of a brigade and afterwards was appointed to command 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, which he led during the early weeks of the invasion of Northwest Europe. He was wounded in August 1944,
during the Faliase Gap fighting, and thereafter returned to Canada.


  • Ron Capern

    June 21, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    (Then)-Colonel Ware was a great man, and a wonderful officer, whom I got to know better long after his (and my) retirement. He was a serious influence on many of my Classmates (one of whom actually left the Navy to join the PPCLI, following a summer of sea sickness!

    I remember General Ware fondly.

    Yours aye, Ron

    3506 Ronald G. Capern
    Class (R ’54 & RMC ’56) Secretary

  • MGen John Sharpe

    April 2, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Hello Ron, My Regiment (PPCLI) is trying to locate Gen Ware’s daughter. We are celebrating our 100th Anniversary this year. Like you I too greatly admired this great Canadian. Can you help us with finding his daughter? I never met her & can’t recall Cammie or Beth ever talking about her.