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Who am I?

  • I entered the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario in 1915, I served as Commanding Officer 14th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery (1940-1942).
  • In 1942, I became Commanding Officer No. 1 Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit, England. I was Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Anti-Aircraft Brigade, England (1942-1944).
  • I served as Director-General of Anti-Aircraft Artillery (1944-1945).
  • From 1945 – 1947, I was District Officer Commanding 7th Military District.
  • I returned to Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston as Commandant and Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General (1947-54).
  • At the time, RMC was the only military college with a four year course, the course was 15 percent military content.
  • During this period, the New One Hundred Opening Ceremonies were held (20 September 1948).
    I devised a new system of organization at RMC consisting of a vice-commandant as director of studies, to coordinate the military and academic training at RMC and to represent RMC at the National Conference of Canadian Universities as the equivalent of a vice-principal. The commandant personally commanded the cadet battallion. A staff-adjutant issued the routine orders.
  • The Old Brigade was inaugurated in 1950 for alumni celebrating 50 years since they entered one of the military Colleges.
  • The Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were photographed with me during the royal visit to RMC on 12 October 1951.
  • I was Director of Imperial War Graves Commission in North-West Europe from 1954-1958.
  • I retired in 1958.

Who am I?
a) 1137 Brigadier-General Donald Agnew CB CD ADC LLD;
b) 2140 Air Commodore D.A.R. Bradshaw, DFC, CD, ADC;
c) 2184 Commodore Desmond Piers DSC, CD, ADC; or
d) 2120 Brigadier J. Desmond B. Smith, C.B.E., DSO, ADC.


Answer 1137 Brigadier-General Donald Agnew CB, CD, ADC LLD.
2) Preston “Canada’s RMC: A History of the Royal Military College”


  • Jacques R Gagnon

    August 12, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    It could only be Agnew as the others would have entered late ’20s or early ’30’s. Desmond Piers was a classmate of my father 2157 BGen J.H. Real Gagnon, OBE, CD. Both entered in 1930 and graduated in 1934

  • Michel Houde

    February 2, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Hello Jacques R. Gagnon,

    I’m researching my father’s WWII involvement. I believe that your father was the CO of the 4th Medium Regiment, RCA in which my father served. Would you be interested in corresponding and exchanging information?


    Michel Houde