Trivia | Bagatelle

Trivia | Bagatelle

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

OF SPECIAL NOTE: Victoria Edwards presented ‘Below the depth of a plow: Negotiating a potash revenue-sharing deal with First Nations’ at the 20th annual symposium on conflict resolution in Ottawa on Feb 4, 2011.

The Canadiana Discovery Portal is a new search engine that combs through 60 million pages of information from 15 institutional collections of archives across Canada. Designed for ease of use, makes a variety of content e.g. related to the Canadian Military Colleges available in English and French from this postcard of the Royal Military College of Canada dated Jan 1, 1901 © Toronto Public Library (shown) to sheet music.

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Did you know?

The ‘Proceedings by the Royal Military College Club of Canada’, by the Chrinicle Printint Co. Quebec, 1901 has been digitized and can be read online. The articles include a bibliography of members of the club, proceedings of the 18th annual meeting and dinner, a description of the MacPherson patent safety switch and frog, and improvements in targets for miniature ranges. LCol Ernest F. Wurtele, VD (RMC 1882) served as Honourary Secretary Treasurer of the Royal Military College of Club of Canada 1892-1913, and editor of its Proceedings; associate editor R.M.C. Review for ex-cadet news 1926-36 and first honourary member of the RMC Club.




Who is he?

• Originally from Montreal, he earned a B.A. from Royal Military College (1950-54) and a BA from McGill University.

• His letter to the editor of ‘The Marker’ dated 10 Apr 1961, states. “Of course you can expect to be assailed for the odd time that your contributors go beyond that certain line. However, pensive minds will not consider that RMC is floundering because of the odd criticism. At least when the sparks fly upward we know that the machine is operating.”

• After joining the Canadian Trade Commisioner Service in 1961, he served abroad in London (1962-66), Manila (1966-8), and Vienna (1970-73).

• He was Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner in Dallas (1973-4)

• From 1974-76, he was Director of Finance and Planning in the Trade Commissioner Service.

• He was appointed Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Nov. 1976.

a) 3195 Mr. Edward L. Bobinski (RMC 1954)

b) 3199 Mr Tim Boyd (RMC 1954)

c) 3200 Mr Andre Breault (RMC 1954)

d) 3201 Mr Austen Cambon (RMC 1954)

e) 3202 Mr Streb Collins (RMC 1954)

f) 3206 Mr Louis Duhault (RMC 1950)

Answer: a) 3195 Mr. Edward L. Bobinski (RMC 1954)