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Trivia for Issue 9 | Bagatelle



Q1. Identify the location of this architectural sculpture on the RMC memorial arch.

1. Keystone 2. Voussoir 3. Extrados 4. Impost 5. Intrados 6. Rise 7. Clear span 8. Abutment

Q2. Identify the name of the architectural sculpture in RMC lore
1. Bud
2. TDV
3. Brucie
4. Rupert
5. It doesn’t have a name in RMC lore

Answer: Q1 1) The keystone is the piece at the apex of an arch or vault

Q2 5) It doesn’t have a name in RMC lore

The Architectural sculpture of a Roman, or at least a classical
figure is described as follows in the Nov. 1924 Review article about
the unveiling of the Memorial Arch: “Immediately beneath this
extract ‘Blow out, you bugles, over the rich Dead. There are none of
these so lonely and poor of old, but dying has made us rarer gifts
than gold.’ is a helmeted head standing in high-relief from the
keystone; the face on this head is extremely expressive and its
parted lips seem to shout forth the splendid message carved above.”

Photo credit: ‘A Face of RMC’, Dan Goldring, Kingston Ontario,
May 2006

One Comment

  • 20776

    June 4, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I’ve always been fascintated by the differences between the street-facing and inward-facing sides of the arch. The inscriptions, keystone figures and weaponry carvings are very clean and orderly on the outside, whereas on the inside much more in shock, pain and dissarray. Showed me that while we may experience horrors in our careers, to remain calm and collected on the outside as we face the people that rely on us to protect them.