Truth, Duty Valour Fund Supports RMC’s 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Above: David Patch, centre, receives his 1st Place award from Dr. Phil Bates, RMC Vice Principal for Academics, left, and RMC Commandant BGen Sebastien Bouchard, right.

Master’s Student David Patch Will Represent RMC with “Balance of comedy and seriousness”

Article by 25366 Anna-Michelle Shewfelt

On Friday, 22 March, RMC held the annual 3 Minute Thesis competition which is an RMC wide competition for graduate students at the Masters and PhD levels where students showcase their research to a vast panel of judges from various backgrounds.  The 3 Minute Thesis competition is designed to challenge students to communicate their significant research, with one presentation slide, to a multi-disciplinary audience in 3 minutes or less. Funding for the 3MT was provided by your donations to the RMC Foundation’s Truth, Duty, Valour Fund.

David Patch, with RMC’s Environmental Sciences Group, was judged the winner and will represent RMC at the provincial level at McMaster University. “My experience with the 3MT competition has been excellent,” he said. “This is my second year competing. Last year Amelie Litalien won first and did an amazing job representing RMC and this year I wanted to do the same. I don’t envy the 3MT judges because the caliber of the competitors was so high and everyone did amazing. Mohsen Ferchichi, Darlene LeBlanc and everyone else involved have been an amazing organizers with the event.”

So just how did he come to be at RMC? “I went to the University of Toronto where, after a brief period of time in the teaching program, I swapped and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science,” the Mississauga, Ontario, native explained. “During my undergraduate studies I met with Dr. Jennifer Scott at an undergraduate convention and saw the type of hands-on, real world impact research that RMC was performing. I then joined RMC two years later during my Masters under Dr. Iris Koch and Kela Weber with the Environmental Sciences Group.”

For David, representing RMC at MCMaster is truly an honour. “RMC has been an incredibly loving, warm, and friendly environment for me these past two years with a real sense of community. I am excited to represent my research group ESG, the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, and RMC as a whole,” he said.

“And I plan on doing my absolute best and knocking it out of the park.” And how exactly does he plan on doing that? “My strategy is to take a look at the winners from previous years and identify different things that made them successful. I also plan on consulting with the judges and other staff here at RMC for some last minute trips for improvement. The main area of my presentation I want to improve upon is flow. One area I want to improve upon is the balance of comedy and seriousness, and ensure that while I remain lighthearted I communicate the impact of my research.”

The RMC Foundation and the RMC Club wish David all the best at McMaster!