Two 1967 Classmates Make it to the ‘Wall’

The RMC Athletics Wall of Distinction was established to honor those who have brought distinction to the Canadian Military Colleges through significant achievements and contributions in sport while at a CMC and/or following graduation throughout their athletics careers.

The inaugural Class will be inducted as part of the Varsity Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22 March.  Here are the final two inductees:

Builder – 7301 Earle H. C. Morris

Earle H. C. Morris had an outstanding athletic career at RMC between 1963-1967 and later in the Canadian Forces (“CF”).  He was a key member of the RMC team which won the OSLAA Curling Championship in 1965. Later, he also coached RMC to the 1991 OUAA Curling Championship.  Post-RMC, Earle had a momentous sports career in the CF in softball and curling both as a player and a coach, where he was the CF National Curling Champion in 1969 and 1970.  He is the first curler to have played for three different provinces at the Brier. As coach of the Canadian Men’s Team, he won the 1998 World Junior Curling Championships, the 2015 Canadian Championships, and was a 2015 World Bronze Medallist. As coach of the Canadian Women’s Team, Earle led them to be the 2007 Canada Winter Games Gold Medallists, 2010 Canadian Junior Champions, 2010 World Silver Medallists, 2013 Canadian Champions, 2013 World Bronze Medallists, 2014 Canadian Champions, and 2014 World Silver Medallists. Earle H. C. Morris was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 2016.

Athlete – 6902 Donald David Dorman

Donald David Dorman attended RMC from 1963-1967 where he held RMC’s College records in most field events, the pole vault, and the 120-yard hurdles. David won the College decathlon title for four consecutive years. He led the RMC track and field team to back to back OSLAA conference championship titles during the mid-1960’s.   He was awarded the Prince of Wales Cup in his graduating year. Post-graduation, David won the Canadian Decathlon Championship in both 1967 and 1968. In 1967, he represented Canada at the Pan-Am Games, finishing fourth in the decathlon. David formed the Cougars Track Club in Cornwall, Ontario in 1969, which he led until his death in 2008. Through this club, David coached many youth track and field athletes to provincial and national titles. He personally funded athletes who couldn’t afford to train or attend competitions. Donald David Dorman was inducted into the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.


Le Mur de la renommée sportive du Collège militaire royal du Canada a été établi pour rendre hommage à ceux qui ont fait honneur aux Collèges militaires du Canada par des exploits sportifs ou d’importantes contributions aux sports pendant qu’ils fréquentaient un CMC ou au fil de leur carrière sportive après obtention de leur diplôme.

La classe inaugurale sera intronisée lors la cérémonie des récompenses sportives du programme représentatif le mercredi, 22 mars 2017.  Voici les deux honorés finales :

Bâtisseur – Earle H. C. Morris, matricule 7301

M. Earle H. C. Morris a connu une carrière sportive exceptionnelle au CMR de 1963 à 1967, puis plus tard dans les Forces canadiennes. Il a été capitaine de l’équipe du CMR qui a remporté le championnat de curling de l’Association athlétique Ottawa-Saint-Laurent en 1967, et ensuite il a été entraîneur de l’équipe du CMR qui a remporté le championnat de curling de l’Association sportive des universités de l’Ontario en 1991. Après son séjour au CMR, il a eu une prestigieuse carrière sportive dans les Forces canadiennes – à la balle molle et au curling, aussi bien comme joueur que comme entraîneur, décrochant le titre de champion national de curling des Forces canadiennes en 1969 et 1970. Il fut le premier joueur de curling à avoir joué pour trois différentes provinces au Brier. En tant qu’entraîneur de l’équipe masculine canadienne, il a remporté les championnats du monde de curling junior de 1998, les championnats canadiens de 2015 et la médaille de bronze aux championnats du monde de 2015. Pendant son mandat d’entraîneur de l’équipe féminine canadienne, celle-ci a remporté la médaille d’or aux Jeux d’hiver du Canada en 2007, les championnats canadiens juniors de 2010, la médaille d’argent aux championnats du monde de 2010, les championnats canadiens de 2013, la médaille de bronze aux championnats du monde de 2013, les championnats canadiens de 2014, et la médaille d’argent aux championnats du monde de 2014. M. Earle H. C. Morris a été intronisé au Temple de la renommée du curling au Canada en 2016.


Athlète – Donald David Dorman, matricule 6902

M. Donald David Dorman a fréquenté le CMR de 1963 à 1967. Il y a détenu les records dans la plupart des concours d’athlétisme, au saut à la perche, et au 110 mètres haies. Il a remporté la palme au décathlon du Collège quatre années consécutives, et mené l’équipe d’athlétisme du CMR à des victoires consécutives aux championnats de l’Association athlétique Ottawa-Saint-Laurent vers le milieu des années 1960. M. Donald David Dorman a remporté la coupe du Prince de Galles à la dernière année de son programme d’études. Après avoir obtenu son diplôme, il a également remporté les championnats canadiens de décathlon en 1967 et en 1968. En 1967, il a représenté le Canada aux Jeux panaméricains, où il a fini en quatrième place du décathlon. Il a fondé le Club d’athlétisme Cougars à Cornwall, en Ontario, en 1969, et l’a dirigé jusqu’à sa mort en 2008. Grâce à la mise sur pied de ce club, il a pu entraîner de nombreux jeunes athlètes et les aider à remporter des championnats d’athlétisme provinciaux et nationaux. Il a aussi personnellement financé l’entraînement et la participation aux compétitions d’athlètes qui n’avaient pas les moyens de le faire eux-mêmes. M. Donald David Dorman a été intronisé au Temple de la renommée sportive de Cornwall en 1994.

Athlete / Builder – 2357 W. Denis Whitaker

Athlete / Builder – 1800 Hartland de Montarville Molson

Builder – Anthony Charles Golab

Builder – H25917 W.J. “Danny” McLeod


  • Les East

    March 20, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    So good to see Dorman achieving “Athletic Wall” status. I might have mentioned this before, but in the Spring of ’62 in my final year -& being a track & field nut – I went to a high school T&F meet at Queens one Saturday & was impressed with the multiple wins by this HS student Dave Dorman. I returned to the college, went to Maj McLeod, & suggested he really look into getting this HS student into the RMC system. Whether or not I had a hand in Dorman’s arrival at RMC that Fall – I don’t know. I finally met him & his wife at the Centennial CF Track Meet in Ottawa in the Fall of ’67. As we chatted I was pleased to be told that the T&F “Rainie” Bugle, awarded to the top track guy at our annual T&F Meet at RMC (which I had won in 1961) was now renamed the “Dorman” Bugle – in light of the three years (or four?) – needed to be won by a cadet in order for the renaming honour.

  • 5554 Les East

    March 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    As we chatted I was pleased to be told that the T & F “Rainie” Bugle, awarded to the top track guy at our annual T & F Meet, was renamed the “Dorman Bugle”, as Dorman won it three years – qualifying him to have the bugle renamed in his honour.

  • 3201 Austen Cambon

    March 29, 2017 at 5:05 am

    Many thanks to the many who made this evening so special for those of us who were fortunate to be present. The Varsity Awards Ceremony and the ATHLETICS WALL OF DISTINCTION Inaugural Induction Ceremony were first-rate. Impressive, inspiring, memorable. Earle Morris, in his exceptional Keynote Address, connected with the cadets as only a great coach could do. Neat for Earle that just a few days later one of the many teams he had coached, led by his protégé of many years, Rachel Homan, “made the choice to be extraordinary”. Team Homan not only won gold for Canada at the World Women’s Curling Championship 2017 in Beijing, but went undefeated, the first women’s team to ever do so at this elite-level competition. Rewards are seldom immediate, but they eventually come to those who persevere, most especially in athletics. 3201 Austen Cambon

  • 7293 Randy Kudar

    March 29, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    It is really great to see both Earl and Dave recognized. Earl continues to make contributions to Canada’s curling legacy. Dave was faced with a very serious muscular disease, that prevented him from competing in the 1968 Olympics for Canada. However, over the years, he remained incredibly active in athletics in the Cornwall area and despite the disease, was always up, always positive, and always a delight to see and greet. We are very lucky to have two such talented people as alumni of the college. Beer Essa Emma