Two public academic lectures: One down; one on the way

Class of 1965, Teaching Excellence Award 2016 Public Lecture


Professor Kurt Schobel of the Department of Management and Economics, winner of the 2016 Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award, gave an inspiring, enjoyable and informative lecture last Monday, 24 Oct at Currie Hall.

The title of the Talk was “Does 2+2= 4? The top 7 reasons everyone should take accounting”. This lecture is funded by the Class of 1965 through the Foundation.

A large contingent from the Class of ’65 was joined by the Commandant, BGen Sean Friday and the Principal, Dr Harry Kowal who filled the role of Master of Ceremony for an ailing Dr Phil Bates.

The well attended event also included his family, friends, golfing buddies, colleagues, students and other staff from the college.

The content, style and delivery from the RMC Class of 1989 graduate kept everyone focused on the subject and by the end, much wiser in regards to keeping an eye on their own personal finances.

It was obvious to those of us in attendance that, Professor Schobel, has passion and outstanding knowledge of the subject. Talking casually with some of his Officer Cadet students at the post lecture social; it was indeed apparent that they hold him in high regard for his honesty and his attentiveness to their needs. All agreed that he is ‘strict’ but reasonable and fair.

Clearly a deserving choice for the 2016 Class of 1965 Teaching Excellence Award.

More photos by OCdt Belanna McLeanHere


Coming up…The Cowan prize for excellence in research…Tuesday, Nov 8 – in Currie Hall…