Two RMCC Teams Earn Honours at NSA’s 16th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise


Two RMCC Teams Earn Honours at NSA’s 16th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise

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For the second time in less than a week RMCC students have distinguished themselves in competitions involving their counterparts from south of the border. First it was our military skills team that won the high profile international Sandhurst competition at West Point on the weekend. It was the 5th RMCC victory over the past 12 years.

This time it was an exercise to develop cyber security skills; an exercise where the participants put theory and classroom instruction into practice. The official name: 2016 Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX).

The U.S. Military Academy won the 2016 CDX, capturing its 8th Information Assurance Director’s Trophy since the annual competition began in 2001.

RMCC has only competed during the last few years and have yet to be the overall winner. However, RMCC (ECE Undergraduate) CDX Team came second to USMA. While the RMCC ECE Graduate CDX Team was not eligible to participate in the Director NSA’s Competition, they too did well.

14458 Principal Dr Harry Kowal (RMC Class 1984) was understandably delighted on hearing the news. “This is an impressive result by a group of young people, who have worked hard to accomplish some amazing things.”

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15595 Dr. Billy Allan (RRMC / RMC 1986) in his role as Interim Dean of Engineering was not short on words in praising both the UG & PG students and the faculty and staff of the ECE Department.

“ECE students distinguished themselves during this year’s CDX with the second place finish. While the ECE Graduate CDX Team was not eligible to participate in the Director NSA’s Competition, they beat another non-competing team from the US Cyber Command and demonstrated their superior skills by maintaining complete Air Superiority in simulated UAV operations organized by the US Air Force Research Laboratories of Rome NY through flying their UAV and consistently destroying every platform that AFRL presented to them.”

NSA experts who help secure the U.S. government’s most sensitive communication systems challenged service academy teams to protect networks they designed, built, and configured at their respective schools. Working out of the Parsons facility in Columbia, Md., another group of NSA specialists graded each team’s ability to effectively maintain network services while detecting, responding to, and recovering from security intrusions and compromises.

The RMCC Class of 1965, Teaching Excellence Award winner (2013) and highly popular professor went on to say. “The Graduate and Undergraduate teams participated in many challenge modules and tied to win the Government/Military Offensive Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenge.” The faculty and staff of the ECE Department are to be congratulated as well for their leadership.”

Besides USMA and RMCC, cadets and midshipmen from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and the U.S. Naval Academy had their cyber security skills, tenacity, and ingenuity tested this week against the National Security Agency’s top information assurance professionals. NSA’s Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) sponsored the event.

In addition to the core exercise, the students’ analytic skills were tested through three challenge modules. Those modules were also scored and a winner named in each of the modules. The winners of each of the challenge modules are:

  • Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering challenge: U.S. Naval Academy
  • Host and Network Forensics challenge: U.S. Military Academy
  • Offensive Ethical Hacking challenge: A tie between The Royal Military College of Canada graduate team and The Royal Military College of Canada undergraduate team

Those participating representing RMCC included:


OCdt Mathieu Drolet; NCdt Nicolas Le Bel; NCdt Jean-Francois Levesque; OCdt Rutvik Bhatt; OCdt Julie Cho; NCdt Paul Charles Fone; NCdt Prescott James; OCdt Stephen McKeon; NCdt Andrew Edward Myrie; OCdt Illia Poplawski; OCdt Kyle John Tilley; NCdt Tejvinder Toor; and NCdt Courtney Williams



LCdr Timothy O’Brien; Lt(N) Matthew William Bowman; Lt(N) Michael James Michaud; Capt Sébastien Ménard; OCdt Simon-Pierre Diamond; Capt Blaine Losier; Maj Andrew Chernysh; Capt Vincent Richard Watson; Capt Jidong (Jack) Xu; Capt Jonathan Racicot; Mr. Charles Bernard; SLt Blake Spencer Mackey; Mr. Patrick Tohill; Capt Jeremy Paquet; Capt Rudy Guay; Maj P. Travis Jardine; Mr. Pranav Ranjan; Mr. Ali ElShakankiry; Mr. Siam Hasan; Mr. Ian J. Maquignaz; and Ms. Arafa Mohd Anis


RMCC Faculty and Staff

Dr. Scott Knight; Dr. Sylvain Leblanc; Dr. Ronald Smith; Capt Jeremy Paquet; Capt Guillaume Vigeant; Ms. Lorie Bell; and Mr. Gen Okita