Unique Challenge at RMC Varsity Training Camps

Unique Challenge at RMC Varsity Training Camps

Article by Peter Reimer, RMC Sports Information and Promotion Coordinator

Peter Reimer

Around Ontario and across the country, university athletes in the fall sports (e.g. soccer and rugby) are getting geared up for the 2018-19 season. For varsity athletes at RMC, it’s time to face a unique challenge.

At civilian universities, “Summer Training” means dedicating hours to improving your strength, conditioning and sport-specific skills during the off-season. At RMC, the Paladins are busy with a different kind of summer training.

New recruits are off to basic, while returnees are spread across the country for military training, SLT or an OJE. From Esquimalt to Halifax, RMC student-athletes are doing everything from pilot flight training to infantry courses during the summer months. Preparing for service beyond RMC, they learn and hone important skills specific to their trades during these exclusive experiences—not your average summer job.

With the arrival of mid-August and the threat of September just around the corner, jerseys replace uniforms and the fall teams shake off the summer’s rust. For soccer and rugby, training camp and the pre-season are short and unforgiving, but with the regular season almost upon us, there’s nothing to do but put in the work.

If you have the pleasure of being on campus this time of year, it’s easy to appreciate the effort put in by these RMC athletes as they train twice per day for the season ahead.

In soccer, the Paladins start their regular season at home on Labour Day weekend, with the women kicking things off at 12:00 PM against Laurentian, followed by the men’s game at 2:15 PM on Saturday, 1 September. Rugby is on the road for their season-opener, squaring off against Western at 3:00 PM on Sunday, 2 September.

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