Varsity Awards / AWOD: Through the Eyes of a III Year

RMC Varsity Awards Night: An Athletic Team Tradition with Something New

Article by: 27472 OCdt (III) Eliza Bruce

Eliza Bruce

Hockey,  Men’s and Women’s Fencing, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Rugby joined together Wednesday March 22. The occasion was the yearly and anticipated event which signals the end of a season well-played by all, celebrates the joy of sport at RMC, and recognizes the outstanding achievements of individual teams and athletes.

The RMC Varsity Awards Ceremony was conducted with the professionalism, decorum, and friendly comradery and rivalry that keeps the healthy spirit of competitiveness and mutual support alive between all the different sports teams thriving at the college.

It was a night for all the athletes and coaches to turn out in their best suit and tie or dress, trade stories and laughs, and enjoy some exceptional fare provided by talented Cadet Dining Hall and mess staff, which definitely qualified the event as a ‘banquet’ as well.

In addition to these festivities, which define the evening annually, this year brought something new to the RMC Athletic Department: a new ATHLETICS WALL OF DISTINCTION for athletes that have distinguished themselves amid the eons of Officer Cadet generations for their high levels of motivation, athletic prowess, and contributions to their sports programs in RMC.

This was a  special moment of memorial and historical context for sports at the college for the audience, and as athletes we all felt a connection to the stories of these four Officer Cadets (and two former coaches) who had gone through the sports programs of the college decades earlier.

The inductees were: 1800 Senator Hartland de Montarville Molson, 2357 W. Denis Whitaker, Anthony Charles Golab, H25917 W. J. “Danny” McLeod, 6902 Donald David Dorman, and 7301 Earle H. C. Morris.

There were both sobering and moments of hilarity as we heard the stories recounted of their positive attitude, fun and sport-loving natures, and their outstanding careers as high-contributing military and civilian members in Canadian society.

I think having this aspect to the awards night was an incredibly unique perspective not usually offered to the RMC athletic program, learning and celebrating the might and accomplishments of great athletes past and present.

It was fascinating and special, seeing the progression of listening to the bios of those inductees of the early 1900s, then listening to the family members speak for some, and finally hearing 7301 Earle H.C. Morris recount his life story and lessons learned as an exuberant athlete in curling.

One of my favourite quotes was when he said he had “been to over 16 different countries, and if Canada is not the best country in the world, it’s tied for first place.”

It was a poignant way to end the ceremony and re-connect us all to our choice to serve such a wonderful country, and appreciate the priceless opportunity afforded us as athletes at RMC.

Award winners included:

Officer Cadet Matt Courtney receives The Tommy Smart Cup from Commandant, Brigadier-General Sean Friday as the Male Varsity Athlete of the Year. 

Tommy Smart Cup: RMC Male Athlete of the Year

Top 4th Year Athlete at the College

Matt Courtney (2nd year in a row)


Officer Cadet Chelsea-Rose St-Amand receives the Kelly Gawn Memorial Trophy from Sharon Donelly as the Female Varsity Athlete of the Year. 

Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup: RMC Female Athlete of the Year

Chelsea Rose St-Amand


Officer Cadet Mitchell Hewson receives the Prince of Wales Cup from Commandant, Brigadier-General Sean Friday Royal Military College of Canada.

H.R.H. Prince of Wales Cup

Mitchell Hewson

The Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Cup

Mackenzie Brauer

OUA All-Stars

Garrett Whelan (Top 1st Year Athlete)

Dale Towe (Top 2nd Year Athlete).

La Coupe Challenge du CMR/Trophée Hutton

Garrett Whelan

Dale Towe

Top 3rd Year athlete

Michael Keenan

Top Team Captain

Eric Bouchard

Fair Play

Owen Gill


Team of the Year, Men’s Varsity Fencing. 

Team of the Year

Men’s Fencing Team